December 19th, 2012

I am facing some error whiles playing games on my PC. A massage likes “fix 002” shows every time. Can someone please explain me how can I solve this anti fix error? 

I am interested in designing. I want to download gratis material 3ds max 6. How will it for a beginner? What do you suggest for a naive designer? Where can I find download gratis material 3ds max 6? Please help me to find a registered version.

Category: Chat/IM

I have a MAC laptop. I have bought it recently. Is it possible to use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) in my MAC. I have tried to connect AIM with my MAC directly. But I have failed. Is there any recent version of AIM specially for MAC OS X? Can you please tell me, how to direct connect with aim mac?

December 18th

Category: Storage Misc

Hi guys,

Is there a free online scan pen drive? What if we don’t have a software application to scan pen drive such as antivirus or any other computer security services? I hope there is an online pen drive scanner so that we can detect harmful malicious ware that was kept in the device.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: General


I need to download lol skin with special effects. How can I download it? Does it give any bonus effects? How can I use the bonus effects? Please, tell me in detail about it.


Category: Misc Security


I heard about the buffalo secure lock station. It provides help for external devices' security. How can I get the opportunity? Do I need any software?

Is it free of cost?

Please, tell me in detail about it.


Category: Suggestions


I use modem with linux. I want to make or receive phone call with the modem. How to can I make a phone call using modem in linux? Do I need any extra software? If yes, what is that? Please, tell me in detail about it.


Category: Software Others


I need to use Revit for the master planning project. All the image should be 100% Revit. How can I use it? Please, tell me in detail about it.


Hello techyv,

How to use an Asus Microsoft virtual PC? What is the difference of this Asus Microsoft virtual PC to other normal and basic computers? Is this an advantage to big companies and offices? Share with me your experiences with Asus Microsoft virtual PC.

Expecting some help from you guys. Thank you.

Category: Storage Misc

Hi to everyone,

Is there a flash driver cleaner? We have to be more aware on how to secure our computers from harmful viruses. This can be acquired or obtained by transferring data from one computer to another using flash drives, we probably need a usb cleaner for this matter. Give me the safest and best recommendation.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.