December 12th, 2012

Hello fellows,

What is the best car rally race software?

I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone device and I and my friends do really love car rally race games online or offline.

Can you please suggest the best game for this kind of mobile phone?

I hope you can share some ideas.


Kristen James.

Category: OS/2 Apps

Hi guys,

How to open dwf on Mac operating system?

I have so many dwf files from a business partner that needs to be open.

But I don’t know how to open the file in a Mac OS.

Would you mind giving some solution to my problem?

A step by step instruction will probably fix the problem.

Expecting some help,

Thank you.

Hi Guys,

I want to know in command prompt how people come to know about active internet connection in a system?Can anyone clearly make me understand about it?

Hi Guys,

Any one tell me, how can i get VISA CREDIT CARD in pakistan. My pay is not fulfill requirement of VISA Credit Card, i am student and my earning is between 15-20 thousand

Tell me some site from where i can get hosting and domain by using western union. Domain and hosting cost should be reasonable, but i can't compromise with it's efficiency money doesn't have much importance as compared to quality.

ThanK you

Category: PCs


I have check the time in my system as it varies with some minutes over a month and year.Why my RTC is not displaying proper time?Can anyone suggest me?

Thank you.

Category: Desktops


Can anyone tell me why my system is restarting automatically without any interference?
Thank you. 

Category: Encryption

What alternative options can I implement to repair the encrypted rar files destroyed by online virus while downloading and what steps do I need to follow in these options to facilitate full repair without loss of any single data?


Category: iPhone

What are the advantageous features on the operation procedures of iphone 4 message center over the previous versions of iPhone devices and what are the basic steps of operations of the message center?


Category: Mobile Software

Accidentally, I deleted all my phone logs on my blackberry torch 9860. I need some of them for various purposes and to return calls. Is there a way to undelete phone logs blackberry? If possible find one that has a free service.

Category: Misc Databases

What could be the possible hitches in using my Gupta database password on a Linux environment for the first time after constantly using a Windows platform and how do i ensure that I still have access to the database despite my change of platform using the same password?