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Hi techyv,

I was told to create payroll systems in java. I was assigned by my employer to design and create a payroll system using java programming language application. This is not an easy task but I am willing to provide them the best payroll for the company. I just want to ask some information for the latest version of netbeans and some few tips for the codes to be used.

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

Hello fellows,

I need some tips on how to draw timing chart. Timing charts are composed with date, time and year this is often needed by a sales report or minutes for a specific agenda on some meetings. As a secretary in a small company I have to do my job and present a timing chart to my boss. I should ask some tips from you guys on how to get this done properly. Thanks.


Rebecca Green.

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Hello! :)

What is the primary job function of demo pic c??

Realistic answers please. Thank you very much!

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Hi guys,

Who are those brilliant chat owner programs? I would like to know those people behind, yahoo messenger chat programs, facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networking networks that involve video chats. This is very important for us users to be aware on the developer’s history and ability to do work because we trusted them with our personal information such as username and passwords.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: Storage Misc

RAR file cannot extract. What does WinRAR file format really supports?

I need help, with great expertise and brilliant answer

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Hi everyone,

I need some ipad recovery tool. My ipad was not functioning well for almost two weeks and I am worried. I bring the ipad device to a technician and he told me that he reformatted the device for it to function well. But I didn’t get some back up for my important files stored in the ipad, how can I possibly recover those files?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Category: Suggestions

I have a 14 minute video and I want to upload it on YouTube but I can't. It requires that the file should be broken into 2 parts for upload. Kindly suggest me how to break avi file into two parts and for this purpose which software is best?

Category: Misc Software

I want to use some transformer mouse pointers but I don't know what are good to use and why? So, please help me giving me some links from where I can download some. Is it going to be free or not? If not, how much?

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Hello techyv,

I need some html help in mac. When making some html code program using notepad, as I open the safari browser in mac operating system to view my latest work. The browser crashes and there’s an error saying not responding. I always came up restarting the pc, do you have some ways to fix this error in the browser?

Expecting some help from you guys.

Category: Mobile Software


I want to use a theme for my Samsung Wave. But I can't decide what is best and problem-free either? Would you please instruct me about it?