November 3rd, 2012

I have bought an xbox 360 where I play and record games. I have also recorded games on my PC and have many DV-AVI videos of it. Now, I want to copy it all to xbox 360, but I get an error that it is in unrecognized format. In what format do I have to convert it for it to work?

Category: OS

Hey there,

I want to unwrap lines in a text file Unix formatted. I've tried several different software but didn't get the expected resulted. So I want the best solution for this.

Category: Misc Software


I am looking for a way to format multiple USB drives at the same time by using DOS command. I created a batch file that I can use for formatting but my problem is I have to press the Enter key for each drive. Is there a way that it can be formatted automatically without having to press any key?

Category: CentOS Linux

A friend have made an art and have put it in a file that has a UFO format. But now he had sent it to me and I need to open it, but I only have MS paint. Will photoshop open it? Should I buy it?

Category: Windows XP


I'm using Windows Xp and due to some dirty shutdown I'm now in deep trouble. When I boot my computer I'm seeing a black screen with an "Invalid Partition Table" error. I can't find any way out. Please help me to fix windows xp partition table error.

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My PC is showing "This application failed to start because Y-Socks Port Scanner By _-Rs-_.exe was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Please kindly give me the solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Category: MS Word

I have a bunch of high quality TIFF images and I want to make an animation of them and save them in MOV format. Note that I don't care about sound, I will add it later with Audacity.


I heard about three small Linux distribution.

I want to know details about them.

Which distribution will be better?


I need some top quality questions and answers for different interviews.

There are lots of questions on the internet but the answers are not always high quality.

Can anyone give me some trusted sites list where I can find top quality dot net interview questions and answers?

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I run a business firm where I want to put some remote camera. So I want to know details about this. Please kindly tell me how I can set remote webcam & remote web camera software in my office or home pc to monitor my business.