December 19th, 2012

Category: Java


I need help creating a calendar using swing in Java. Our instructor assigned us to create a simple calendar using swing but I really have no idea where to start.

Can you give me the very basic scenario of creating it?

Please give me a link for tutorials about calendar swing application Java code.


Category: OS/2 Apps

I have an eight GB RAM in my PC. I heard that there is a way to play games in a RAM disk. But I do not know the way of creating a Ram disk in a RAM space.  
Can you please explain me the way of creating a RAM disk so that I can run all games in ramdisk?  

I want to check my CPU and GPU via OSD temperature while playing games. Is it possible to check the temperature without minimizing the game?

Please explain me the possible way of checking cpu and gpu on osd.

Does anyone know a decent piece of software that can enable me to excess a Garmin map? I have searched on the Garmin website. I have not found any software likes that. I have also tried some which I have got on the web.

Can anyone please help me to find a Garmin map viewer software that really works?

I have a blogsite. But there are many of spam users and visitor. So, I need to control the traffic of my blogsite. I have downloaded NetLimiter 1.30. But it is difficult to use. Mainly traffic controlling features are too hard to understand. 
Can someone please explain me the features of net limiter 1? 

Category: Mobile Software

I am looking for some matrix screensavers. Screensavers must be high resolution with minimum 2048*2048.

And it must be in GIF format.

Can you please help me to find some matrix screensavers gif?

I am looking for some wallpapers Which will update date automatically.

I am using these sort of wallpaper in my Laptop.

But I am searching for date updating wallpapers for my phone.

Can someone please help me to find a date updating wallpapers?

I love to play battlefield 3 bildschirmschoner. But I know only a few hot keys of this game. Can someone please explain me the shortcut keys? Does it support customizing ones own hot key?

Category: Server Software

I want to uninstall lion server from my MacBook Pro. Actually I am facing some problem with the lion server.

I am unable to run the visual Snow Leopard Installer form on the lion server.

I want to go back to my regular Mac OS X.

Can you please explain How can I completely delete favorites lion from my MacBook?

I used to create charts and diagrams in Microsoft Visio. Now I want to create a 3D diagram by using Visio.

Can I use 3D charts in MS Visio, How can I give 3 d look in Visio?