December 26th, 2012

Hello techyv,

How to make computer table designs for gaming?

I want to use Adobe CS5 Photoshop version in making computer table designs for gaming.

This is what I am planning to put in the banner space for my website.

Me and my friends are planning to organize a gaming forum and we need this for the website banner.

Please give me some advice about the proper layout.

Expecting some help from you guys.

Thank you.

Category: Web Cams

Hi to everyone,

A problem about my dell web cam quit working.

Video chatting in Skype is very important for me to reach my business partners and love ones all over the world.

While having a business meeting through Skype with my business partner, the webcam suddenly not working and never let them view my webcam.

How can I resolve this issue?

I am using Windows 7 Os.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

Category: Misc Software


I want to learn about how to hide program?

My brothers and cousins used to play in my laptop and computer desktop and I don’t want them to deleted important files and programs in my desktop or local disks.

Is there a way to hide programs temporarily?

If there are some way please let me know.

Thank you.

Waiting for your support.

Category: Misc Databases


How to connect my pos system database? I have a point of sale system developed using visual basic programming language but I am having a problem on what best database to use and how to connect the pos system. I have to get this done immediately for my company. I hope you can help me.



Allison Davy.

Category: iPhone

Hello friends,

I got some iPhone email problems.  My iPhone 4s seems not getting email from a business partner, while on a vacation trip I still have to check all the upcoming appointments. My secretary and business associates keep on sending emails in my yahoomail and gmail account but it seems like it doesn’t appear in my iPhone and when I checked it in my laptop the emails are visible and did exists. What should I do? I need to keep my iPhone updated to receive emails.

Thanks and Regards,

Vanessa Onnoya.

Hi techyv,

I have a problem rendering my cd design psd. I am designing a cover for my cd containing my multimedia project to be submitted next week. Adobe Photoshop cs5 is the application used to design my cd cover, every time I try to save the file it crashes and never return to the page. I am so worried and bothered.

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

Category: Firefox

Hello fellows,

Free Mozilla for iPad download is not working. I tried to restart the iPad for three times but still the Mozilla Firefox internet browser is not responding to the server. I have a good internet connection. Would you mind to give me some suggestion on how to resolve this issue?


Lindsay Wendy.

Hi guys,

Where can I possibly locate router utility? What is the importance and duty of a router utility and how does it affect the wireless internet connection? Does it enhance the internet connection ability and power? I hope you can provide me the correct answer with my confusion and curiosity. This is very essential for me.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: iPhone

Hello techyv,

How possible an iPhone explorer retrieves deleted videos? By the way I would like to know the true importance and the use of an iPhone explorer, come and share with me your experiences with the iPhone 4s mobile device. I have lots of deleted videos and I hope it can be possibly recovered.

Expecting some help from you guys. 

Thank you.

Category: OS/2 Apps

Hi to everyone,

How to change my desktop hand icon Mac? I am using Mac operating system with my boss’ laptop; I am encoding important data and invoices. I would like to change an icon in a specific folder and application in the desktop but how? Well, I’m not used with Mac OS. I need some advice.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.