October 30th, 2012

Category: OS/2 Apps


I want to get a licensed free 3d garden designer mac. Software that will probably fit in my mac operating system with no error and problem will occur will do, as long as it is licensed from the internet. I won’t compromise the safety of my laptop because of a wrong choice of download. Give me some information regarding this matter.

Waiting for your support.


What is the best internet cleaner? I am using windows 7 starter operating system. I need an internet cleaner that will clean all the possible and certain area of windows and will probably protect your privacy online. Security is my first priority when it comes to my gadgets especially to my computers.



Category: MS Excel

Hello friends,

How was galaxy tab working with excel? My galaxy tab was just reformatted because of those malicious ware viruses that attack the operating system and for this time I want to be more careful to avoid some problem again. I just want to know if galaxy tab is compatible of handling excel data and application?

Thanks and Regards,

Amanda Mitchel

Hi TechyV,

Military theme website template cannot be applied or not working. I downloaded some military theme website template for my webpage assignment to be passed next week. I am also having a hard time on setting on the website page, give me some ways to beautify my webpage with military theme.

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

Category: MS Outlook

Hello fellows,

Is there a way to upgrade outlook 2002 to 2010? There are some people who love to upgrade software and other important applications such as Microsoft packages. If it is possible to upgrade software like outlook, please do let me know and share those ideas with me.


Martha Nelson

Category: MS Publisher

Hi guys,

How to put some fade effect on publisher 2010? I am just a newbie in publisher 2010 and need some assistance from experts like you. A proper instruction will let me perform the task well and can also help me improve my knowledge on the publisher 2010 setting and configuration.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: iPod

Hello experts,

How to turn on or set the ipod monitoring mode? I need to monitor all the recent activities of my ipod for some security reasons such as getting rid of intruders and cyberpunk that may use each detail in my ipod. These are very important to keep files active and safe.


Category: Java

Hi to everyone,

How to build a Java GUI dashboard? The Java graphical user interface is not easy to deal with we have to undergo first training or study before making a new instance or creation. I want to create and build my own build a Java GUI dashboard; can you share some tips or possible experiences with Java?

Thank you.


There is an error opening my sample law firm workflow. I am using windows 7 64 bit operating system and encoded those files in a Microsoft word document application. After a few minutes I restarted my computer and go downstairs to get something to eat and when I get back, I opened my laptop and get an error stating unable to open file. Please do help me, those files are very important.

Waiting for your support.


Is there an official website on questions for AutoCAD PDF? I am an engineering student and taking up an AutoCAD subject for this coming semester. I am planning to study in advance regarding this software and need your help to get some tutorials over the internet, online studying will do.


Brenda Lopez