October 3rd, 2012

Category: OS/2 Apps


I love playing video games specially heroes 5. But now that I switch to mac operating system from windows xp operating system I am wondering if it is compatible with the game. The question is how to get a download of heroes 5 free mac? I need a clear and brief instruction for safer download. Thank you.

Category: Misc Software

Hello experts,

How to send and play kik videos? I am using my android phone and heard about this feature on sending kik short videos to friends while watching our favorite movies was a really a great idea to have more fun. But the question is how to make this possible, the setting and the procedure on sending. I wish you can guide me through the process. Thank you.


How to exchange server name for HC Mail Outlook?

I just want to know how can this be done or the process of exchanging server name.

Can you tell me more about this so that I will not be confused or any step by step process and instruction will be a great help.

Thank you.

On my Desktop Wireless connection I have a USB Netgear wg111v2. My problem is the connection varies. The Mbps # goes up and down.

Also, slowing or losing internet connection. I am only 10 feet from the router.

Waiting for the solutions.

I have a gateway dual core system, I want to install audio video and graphic driver, I am having problem in finding the software please help me in and solve my problem.

Hello guys,

What are the best question answer websites? And if possible how can I download them in a format of pdf, word and csv so that I can save them as reference for future use and for me to be able to be knowledgeable. I hope you can give me some advice regarding this matter. Thank you.

Category: Misc Software

Hello guys,

How to get a free download for nemesis bluetooth? This is all about remote access; I want to access the computer using a mobile phone with bluetooth or other kind of bluetooth device that is related to this. I hope you can give me the best website to download a secure application, thanks.

Hello guys,

I want to get a free download for software used by pacl ltd. This is a management tool which is very important in our computer system. I just also want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of this application or software before making a move. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

I have recently downloaded the plugin eclipse color theme Zend studio 9 and want to switch between 2 eclipse color themes. I like Oblivion and Modified Solari, is there a way I can switch between the two easily without losing information?


I want to be able to keep up with my customers and their requests so I am asking anyone here if they know about a profiler auto responder I can use to respond back to them via email, preferably. Thanks