January 5th

Category: MS Excel


How was galaxy tab working with excel? We all know that it is more comfortable to work with computer desktop or laptop when it comes of paper works using Microsoft application packages such as Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint and more. How was the performance of a galaxy tablet dealing with excel spreadsheet? Give me some advice.



Ericson Eric.

Can any one help me to get Truck Radius Cad file (It can be of any Truck, I just need it for reference), I want that file in .dwg

Category: iPad

Hello friends,

What is the software best sound editing iPad? I need to get some information regarding the best software for iOS and Mac Os mobile phone devices such as iPhone4s and iPad, there are some .wav sound files that needs to be edited for my project to be submitted next week.

Thanks and Regards,

Kyle Berry.

Category: Mobile Software

Is there any Android Extractor App that will allow me to restore individual applications & other data from ROM Manager backups of my Samsung Galaxy Y.

I am facing an issue with burning video ts on mac computer. so any can tell me on how to burn video ts on mac

Category: Opera

Hi Techyv,

How to delete internet opera cache? I have to make some important update regarding opera browser cache, can you explain some points to be considered in deleting internet opera cache? I need to make sure that there will be no harm to happen during the deletion of cache in my Windows 7 operating system.

Hoping for your help. 


Category: Lotus Notes

Hello fellows,

How to recover lotus notes missing mail bookmark? The company office clerk is having a problem with the lotus notes system; she came to me and said that there is a missing mail bookmark in lotus notes application. Is this problem fixable? Can we still recover those data?

Thank you.

January 4th

Category: Misc Software

Hello friends, Please help me to synchronize MySQL Linux and Windows XP.

I would like to use the same database in both Operating System.

How can i download IDM at free of cost. I would like to have full version of IDM with serial number

Category: Firefox

Hi guys,
There is a problem with Firefox for Blackberry software storm. I cannot properly access the Mozilla Firefox internet browser it crashes and never responds to the server and came up to uninstall the internet browser. I have to do something for me to be able to use Firefox in my blackberry mobile system.

Expecting some help, thank you.