January 25th

Hi guys,

I left my computer open with my email logged on. When my kid started to touch things and I am afraid that some of my emails were permanently deleted.I wanted to have my email account backed up. Can you suggest the best hotmail backup tool. Thanks in advance

Hey guys,

I am doing my first video and I want a film recorder software. What site provides a free and legal film recorder download? Thanks for your suggestion

Category: Virtualization

Hi guys,

I just downloaded dvr remote desktop free win 7 when i installed it on my windows 7 pc, it Didn't logged in. But, when I used it on windows xp it worked? Can you help me fix this problem.

Category: iTunes

Hi guys, I am using itunes to rip my music from original cds. Can you suggest to me other possible cd rippers for mac besides itunes? Thanks.

Category: Misc Software

Hello guys,

I have just owned a blackberry curve. I actually new to the blackberry user-interface. Where do I find bb msn color symbols in my blackberry? Thanks in advance.

Category: Visual basic

Hi friends,

I am interested to author a program that mimics mouse pressing a button using vbscript. Can you help me create a simple auto press button script. Thanks in advance 

Category: iPhone

hello, I have a problem with my iPhone 3G , it started to perform a bit slow and the camera does not open its shutter every time i try to run the default camera application? a little help please?

Category: Desktops


I'm using ASUS for Pentium 3. I use keyboard ps2. During boot up for Windows XP ( service pack 2 ), It shows a keyboard error. That's why I can't  go through the bios. So, I need a way to get into bios without keyboard ps2.

Can anyone help me?

Category: Misc Software

Recently I had decided to give introduction to data mining on blog post. I was rewriting on text analysis using twist but It was showing a fatal error in combining the code and the writing. Can anyone help me why the error was occurred ?

When we purchase any HDD, memory card or USB flash drive etc. It shows less space than its printed capacity. What is the actual reason behind this? Ex.:- a 500 GB capacity HDD only shows 465.75 GB. Where are other 34.75 GB? If we check flash drive shows less space than printed capacity. Same thing happened with other storage media. I want to know its actual reason. Please reply if you know.