December 20th, 2012

I installed 64 bit flash player activex control in my PC running with Windows 7, but the program does not appear in the Program list in Windows but it is there when I looked the Control Panel on programs to uninstall, it's there. Why So?

Category: OS

What does DOS memory management refers to, is it like any software or is it a way to give applications access, Please explain.

Category: Misc Software

I am using Win 7, Please send me any link from where I can freely download Nvidia Pinball - Soldier of the Universe.

Recently i saw a  wow slider page video to remove Watermark in Wowslider but I am unable to find that again, Please guide me with any tips to remove Watermark in Wowslider.

Category: Apple Software

I took a video clip vertically, and it seems to be 90 degrees flipped when downloaded to system, How to flip or rotate Video mpg Mac

Which is the best software to reduce ping rate or is there any regedit tricks to lower the ping.

I am using Vista, Please guide me.

Category: Google Chrome

I am unable to open PDF on Sony Google TV, as it downloads and says no application to handle. Does anybody have an idea on how to display PDF files Google TV

I am unable to connect to Internet as driver seems to be missing in my Laptop, Please guide me to find Internet Controller Driver Win XP.

Category: Firefox

Which SSL VPN code supports OSX Lion VPN with SSL, as  i am having issues installing the Network Connect client with Firefox.

Category: Server Hardware

We are installing a web conferencing system into our network.

Do we need to do TMG port forwarding for that, If so please explain the procedure in Forefront TMG 2010.