December 19th, 2012

Hello friends,

Do you have some idea about binary calculator introduction? I have to make an introduction page for my documentation regarding my calculator binary project. An overview or suggestion will really help me with my documentation report to be submitted next week. My professors are expecting too much for my explanation, I need a proper format.

Thanks and Regards,

Jeremy Jack.

Category: Apple OS


I’m running Mac OS X. I would like to know how to capture an audio. Is it possible to do it? Do I need an application? If so, where can I download it?

I really need to have an app for audio capture Mac OSX.

Category: Mobile Software

Hi techyv,

Samsung wave 723 reboot problem. I got this Samsung wave 723 mobile phone device with a Bada operating system, I think this is almost seven months old. It automatically reboots without asking my permission, while texting, making a call, playing mobile games and etc. Can you help me resolve this issue?

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

Category: General

Dear experts, can you explain to me a game called Brain Cube Walkthrough?

Please tell me how to play it.

Is this game downloadable over the internet or I‘ll just play it online?

If so, where can I download it?

I need knowledge about walkthrough brain cube.

I am using iOS and I have game called Tiny Farm by Com2uS. Can you tell how to earn money fast in that game? Can you tell me a good strategy advice? Please help me if you know something. A detailed explanation will be nice. Need in com2us tiny farm fast money. Many thanks to you all

Category: Misc Software

Hello fellows,

A problem with my driver update software freeware. It doesn’t update my drivers, I never see any changes in the performance. It seems that my computer drivers are still not in a good condition.

What is the recommended way to properly update computer drivers? I think I have to take good care of the computer system before it’s too late. The company needs the computer.



Category: General

I am using Windows Phone 8 and I just want to ask about a street frog game download. I totally love this game from a friend of mine. I would like to install it on my Windows Phone. Can you tell me where can I get it?

Many thanks.

Hi guys,

What is all about gta online net? I and my friends used to play gta vice city in an offline basis and I just heard about the online one. Can you give me some idea that it really exists? I need to know all the computer specifications needed before making any move.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: General

Dear experts, I have a few questions about using Joomla. I would like to know about an extension called Admin-User-Access? What is admin user access Joomla? Can you tell me what it does? Please tell me in a more detailed way, I would like to use it. Thanks in advance.

Category: Server Software

While installing ApacheTomcat-6.0.36 I am getting the security warning as the file does not have a valid signature that verifies its publisher.

You should only run software from publishers you trust.

What should I want to do may I continue running or else have to quit installing this.