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I tried to install and use Niakwa Programming Language (NPL). That's why I installed NPLSecure and tried to run.

But the following error message generate each time I  try to open it. Please give me a solution regarding the issue.


NPLSecure Initialization Error

NPLSecure error code 0x14


Last DCOM error: Server execution failed



I am facing a serious problem with my Computer. There is a folder in every drive called – AUTORUN.INF. To remove this folder I have used many anti viruses like – Norton, Avast, ESET Smart Security 4 and Bit Defender. But still I can’t remove this folder. Even I have reinstalled my windows XP in system and nothing is happen to it. Now how can I remove this folder?

Category: Anti-Virus

Which among the anti-virus is effective, reliable and most helpful? 

Category: Video Cards

I am using a computer of Pentium 4. Currently my video quality is not up to the mark. Now a days the games and movies are developed in highly video effects like HD or 3D which sometimes don’t support in my computer. My current requirements are as follows:

Pentium 4 CPU 1.80 GHz
256 RAM
Motherboard serial – D845GEBV2

Now what can I do to improve my video quality which will support all modern video effects?

Which Video Card is suitable for my PC?

Category: iPad

I came to know that iPad has a fingerprint-resistant screen, but then you said the fingerprints show up disgustingly. True?

Category: iPhone

Which audio playback technology do I need for this?

Thanks in advance.

Since Apple is keen on joining the race for cloud based computing dominance how is it going to fare against online  search engine giant Google, given a few years from now?

Since cloud computing is the trend now, does that mean that all desktop applications will soon be rendered obsolete in favor of browser embedded applications?

Category: Hardware

One technology I have always been fascinated by is a fax machine. "Yes I know a fax machine."

  I have always wanted to know what goes on when the message or letter is sent?

The process behind the scenes. Does it have some one collecting the fax and then sending it through a machine that is hooked up to the receiver?

Can you explain this process.

Category: Cell Phones

I have always heard about radiation in a cell phone. What is the risk of using a cell phone? Are there any risks to the brain and does it result in loss of memory? What can a person do to protect their self again the addition a doe and headset help?