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Motorola Zoom any reviews on this please. What operating system does it have. What is the processor speed it has. What are the different models in this if any? What the camera pixel?

How good is this when compared to iPad?

Thank you.

Category: Networking

Hi All,

iCloud what is this about?

What is this. Is it a hardware or a software? Is this something to do of storing content on the cloud from all Apple devices.

Can anyone explain me about the features?

Thank you.

Hi All,

Galaxy tab 10.1 any reviews on this? How sleek is it, what the screen size? Pixel? Ports available? Speakers? Can anyone through some light on these things.


Category: Internet

Hi All,

The new look of Facebook?

I heard that Facebook is coming with a new look and feel of the GUI interface? Does anyone know what are the major changes they are up to?

Can anyone give me screenshots if any available that shows the differences.


Category: Internet

Hi All,

Google+ and Facebook what are the differences in them?

I just got a weird thinking about how different is Google+ and FB?

How are they 2 different from each other.

Which is better?

Can anyone help me with the features that one has and the other does not and also which both have the same?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Brothers/Sisters,

I have been on this site for few months and love this site and the experts who help people here. its really awesome.

I have a questions

Active directory 2003 vs 2008 what are the major differences/Enhancements in Group policy (GPO) in these 2 versions of AD?

Can anyone help me list just the enhancements please.

thank you

Category: Database

I've been speaking to developers recently and have been given information that I am not entirely sure of and I'm hoping that someone can assist me.

I'm wondering if it is possible to create a SQL Server stored procedure without T-SQL being necessary. I've been told that it is, but to me, the knowledge of T-SQL would be necessary at least for data access.

Thank you for any input you may have.

Hi all,

Active directory where does our credentials stored?

We have a Domain with 100+ systems and i know that every system while login the users credentials are authenticated from the Domain controller.

What i want to understand is where are these credentials stored?

How secure are they?

Thanks you

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Hi TechyV experts,

Elastic IP Addresses who give this. What's the benefit?

I have heard a lot about this when I read articles on Cloud computing. Can anyone throw light on what exactly this IP is?

How different is it from our regular IP addresses.?

Thank you


Category: Internet

Hi All,

Yet another question on cloud computing

Drawbacks of cloud computing? Why do people fear?

What would the issues be when we have our critical servers in cloud.