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March 30th, 2014

March 29th

March 28th

Category: Apple

We all know what contribution Apple has made in the field of consumer electronics and personal computing.  Apple is ‘Apple’ because they bring the technology home, and then package it with a user friendly experience and with an iconic style.

Every year we wait eagerly to the unveiling event during new products by Apple. From wearable technology to the living room multimedia experience...everywhere this has made a giant leap.

January 30th

Category: Hardware

These days, people become inclined on using portable gadgets such as Smartphone, tablets and mobile phones. And everyone is fond of gaming, taking pictures and videos, listening to music and use of social media sites which makes the battery life of their devices to run very low. Battery life has become a major issue for most Smartphone, tablets and mobile phone users. So manufacturers presented a portable battery power supply to extend and make the life of their devices usable for a day or two, depending on its usage. The following are the five external battery packs that are recommended for the above mentioned activities:

January 20th

Category: Others

One of the latest tech gadgets that Samsung revealed is the newest Galaxy Grand 2 phablet, which was unveiled globally last November 2013 and was launched in India last December 23, 2013. And since then, the company has been taking pre-orders for Rs 2,000. And now, the actual price has been revealed in the Indian market for Rs 22,999 or $370. The Smartphone is the successor of the recent Galaxy Grand which became a success in India, but this time it has a bigger screen with more RAM space and a better battery capacity.

January 18th

Category: Others

Rumors and photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 have been circling over the Internet nowadays; claiming that the device will come in metal and plastic versions similar to the recent release of the Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The speculated screen size of this handset is expected to be 5.2-inch and there is an iris scanning that will distinguish the users even without the password. A mini version of S5 is also expected and the S5 Zoom. However, the release is still very far from being official. But the photos and speculations are multiplying almost every day.

November 11th, 2013

Category: Apple

iPad Air, as the name defines itself; this latest gadget from Apple weighs only a pound which is 0.4 pound lighter than the prior generation and its 0.3 pound thicker than the iPad Mini. Apple’s latest methodology is to create something lighter so it will be easy to carry it.

September 20th

Category: Others

Tips for Android Phone Malware Protection and Detection

The latest study by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also made a shocking revelation this August that 79 per cent of all mobile device malware today is targeted at the Android devices. So, if you are using Android, especially the older and more vulnerable OS versions, it is high time you take steps to detect these security threats and protect your Android device from a potent attack.

September 18th

Category: Microsoft

Will Microsoft’s Cortana Beat Apple iPhone Siri?

In the world where technology has taken huge jumps, we have now entered the phase of Virtual assistance. To call it a phase is not justified because a technological improvement like this will stay and only move forward in its advancements. From voice recording to voice messages to voice controlled artificial intelligence, we definitely have come a long way.

Apple iPhone Siri: The ‘Unbeaten’

Category: Microsoft

Perks of Microsoft Outlook’s Latest IMAP Support and OAuth Additions

Finally, Microsoft has added the feature users had been waiting for a very long time to Outlook.com - the IMAP support and OAuth. This announcement was made during the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit. According to a report published by Microsoft, Outlook.com is one of the most popular webmail services with over 400 million users all around the world. The new IMAP and OAuth update to Microsoft Outlook will just be an icing on the cake for users.

The New IMAP AND OAuth Update and Its Perks