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May 18th, 2016

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How to Insert Animations in your Website using jQuery?

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1. Data Rescue pc3

This software is a Prosoft Engineering product. It is the solution for recovering files from a virus-corrupted or crashed hard drive. Data Rescue PC3 comes with a self- booting CD, put the CD in the CD drive, boot, and start recovering your data.

2. OnTrack EasyRecovery

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Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese electronics company which has its headquarters in Beijing. It develops and sells smartphones. It is ranked 5th largest smartphone makers in the world. Xiaomi also makes TVs, tablets, air purifiers, and fitness tracker. Redmi is a smartphone brand manufactured by Xiaomi.Redmi phones use the operating system Xiaomi MiUI variant.

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Data Structure is the most fundamental and building block concept in computer science. Good knowledge of data structures is must to design and develop an efficient software system.

Data structures can be defined as the process of collecting and organizing data in the best way. Here the operations on data are performed in an efficient way. Its functionality supports a specific purpose of accessing and performing operations in a given appropriate ways.

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How is Algorithms Used in the Technology Business?

May 17th

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How many times have you wished to go back in time? Plenty of times in life, for sure, but could not. Things are slightly different in the machine world. It has a backup. With time, as we befriend technology we notice that it is less intricate than the human mind. There is always hope for the retrieval of lost data and erasing the record of unwanted activity or even reversing it.   To make our lives easier we have some helpers we would like to refer to as data recovery software. The data is mostly not deleted; it is just invisible.  The following is a mixed list of paid and unpaid data recovery software that have been creating the buzz for good reasons.

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The jQuery Effects and its Features

Designing a website using HTML is not enough. User experience is the most important criteria when building a website and it will become successful only if it gained many viewers. You need to grab more clients and make your site more interactive and attractive. To achieve it, web designer needs to apply Bootstrap, CSS style sheets, etc. But they are just not enough because we have jQuery that provides different animations to make a website more approachable, attractive, rich, and unique.

Features of jQuery:

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Cyber Security and its Importance

May 16th

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This device came up in 2016 CES, where Sengled came up with a device of integrating LED with a Wi-Fi extender. Last time Sengled came up with Pulse where it has an LED with a Bluetooth speaker. This year they came up with Wi-Fi in it. This device is smart because of its practical approach.


We always have that problem of Wi-Fi signal and our files not being transferred as quick or having a buffering video. The design is perfectly carved. The LED bulb holder has this Wi-Fi integrator; this means you can't even have a look at it. All you can see is the LED bulb.

How it works:

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Consumer Electronic Show is one such place where you get to see the innovative side of each company. So did NeuroMetrix, it came up with a wearable band which reduces your chronic pain.

This helps you reduce your pain through electronic stimulation. This device is connected and controlled by the app. The intensity of the therapy can be adjusted, you decrease it by moving your fingers downwards in the app. It is usually worn around the user's leg.