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September 13th, 2014

Category: Apple

The Release of the Bigger and Better iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

September 6th

September 4th

Category: Cloud Computing

Technology has increasingly gained dominance in how businesses conduct their operations. A lot of business enterprises are now exploring the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing with the aim of evaluating the possibility of signing up for this technology that has increasingly become a favorite for many businesses. Irrespective of business size and niche, cloud computing has been found to be extremely useful especially in harmonizing business processes and ensured that all activities are conducted in a simplified manner.

August 6th

Category: Others

Download and Save your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Profiles

Our world is very large but lately, it has become a small spot because of the emerging social media sites. People can easily get connected and share their very fond memories with one another through it. But is it possible to save our profile and those memories with us?

July 16th

Category: Hardware

Top 5 Best Smart Watches

July 14th

Category: Apple

Apple's Latest iPhone 6: Release Date, Rumors and Mock-ups

July 11th

Category: Others

Review on the latest HTC Desire 816

July 7th

Category: Hardware

Top 5 Mobile Phones of 2014

Different mobile phone carriers are making it easier for the users to upgrade their mobile phones or Smartphones; and everyone is thinking of the best device that will last for at least two years. So it is essential to purchase a device that will provide the appropriate combination of speed and features. Most of the new high-end mobile phone devices feature a full HD display and upscale processors. But due to a long list of mobile phone brands, it becomes too perplexing to decide on which one will be the best to use.  

June 27th

Category: Hardware

Nowadays, the rise of the smaller computers is becoming popular. A few years ago, Intel introduced the small form factor PC which they called as the NUC or the Next Unit of Computing. The first generation was built with a Sandy Bridge Celeron CPU, the second was built with Ivy Bridge Core i3 and i5 processors, and the third generation was built with Haswell architecture.