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June 17th, 2016

Category: Software

Data mining software is useful to process the various patterns in data sets by analyzing data and by extracting information to use them create comprehensible structure of information. There is a variety of data mining software present in the market today, and it is very difficult to select the perfect one for you. Given below is a list of top ten data mining software that can help you to analyze and extract data with ease and perfection.

1) SAS Data Mining

This software helps you to create simple, accurate and predictive model for large data. It has a variety of features that include scalable processing, different types of tools, and advanced type of modeling.

Category: Virus & Spyware

Even with the best antivirus software many computer system overtime, get infected with various malware software. Malware software often comes bundled with various downloads from the internet. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s free version is one of the best tools for you to tackle malware in your system. Malware bytes isn’t meant to replace your traditional antivirus. Instead, it is for clearing up all malicious malware programs that most antivirus software bypass. Unlike many other similar programs Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has been a robust performer. You can schedule auto-updates in the premium version and manually update in the free version.


Category: Others

There has been a lot of commotion this year in the launch of wireless earphones. Many companies have already launched their products but most of them heavily compromise on at least one quality. Samsung has become the first mainstream major company to come up with its own wireless earphones. The Samsung Gear IconX is the first step by the company into the rapidly expanding wireless earphone segment. We present our review of the Samsung Gear IconX.

Category: Others

The newest flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer is here. In a very bold move LG has completely overhauled the smartphone. The smartphone has a host of new design features which are new to mainstream flagship phones. LG G5 also has the distinction of being the first ‘modular’ smartphone. On paper the LG G5 has very impressive specifications. As expected from a flagship the LG G5 comes with top quality hardware money can buy.


Category: Others

Heat is one the foremost problems affecting the life and performance of your laptop. Anyone who uses a laptop knows that many laptops even in moderate use get heated up to an uncomfortable temperature which makes it difficult to use them for a prolonged period of time on your lap. Overheating severely affects the life of the components of your machine especially GPUs. The market is flooded with a huge variety of culling pads. It is very important to choose the right one to ensure that your cooling pad actually works. We present to you our guide to buying a laptop cooling pad.

Category: Others

Keyboard is a very standard input method for most Android devices. Even after the advent of speech based gestures and word-to- word dictation most people prefer using keyboard for their daily use. As many other functionalities in Android, there are a lot of different keyboard apps available on the Play Store. A good keyboard can drastically improve your overall Android experience.

Keyboards apps come loaded with a lot of great and not-so- great features to improve the way you type. Often new emojis , stickers, predictive text-writing are introduced in them. We have taken a list of top keyboards for you.

1. SwiftKey

June 16th

Category: Cloud Computing

These days, online storage has become an important part of life. Cloud storage allows high and durable data storage and with so many cloud service providers around the world; it is not easy to decide which service is the best for you. Given below are top ten cloud services that will make your decision easier and better.

1) iCloud

It helps you to get the latest version of all the documents, photos, contacts and notes, on all devices. It allows the secure storage of your data and keeps it updated from time to time. The iCloud library stores every data and makes it accessible from all your devices.

June 12th

Category: Storage

These are the development tools that help you to analyze, visualize, integrate, and report various documents and files. It helps you to handle various structured and unstructured data. Here are top ten big data tools that can help you to do the analysis.

1) Hadoop

It is the most necessary big data tool. This software helps you to process a large amount of information in both structured as well as unstructured formats, and it uses simple programming models. It also has many other additional features that help to extend its functions.

June 11th

Category: Software

Everyone has heard of open source applications but few people use them. Open source applications are great for both business and home use. Common misconceptions people have about open source applications are that they are ‘unstable’ or not user-friendly. Open source applications have been honed over the years by skilled programmers from all over the world.

Most commonly used proprietary apps have open source alternatives offering same, sometimes even better functionality. Open source applications are created by highly motivated people all contributing and forming a part of the global open source community.

We bring you the best open source applications for your daily-use instead of proprietary apps.

Category: Hardware

From the time of bulky desktop PCs to today’s smartphones, speakers have always been an essential part, albeit not in a conventional way but as a recreational hardware. Most people carry their own music or a streaming service in their smartphones, the tiny speaker inside a typical smartphone is pretty much useless for listening to quality music. Speakers today have evolved o wireless speakers which have a host of connectivity options. Most people prefer wireless speakers as it is restrictive to connect a smartphone to speakers via cables and render it immobile.