Why can’t I access website by typing DNS name?

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I am trying to access a website using its DNS name but the request is getting dropped every time. It is a very famous website but I don’t know its IP address. Also, I don’t know whether the problem persists with all other windows machine or not. Please help me troubleshoot this problem.

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Why can’t I access website by typing DNS name?


First of all, try to access the website using its IP address instead of its name. To do this you will have to open the Command Prompt. Once launhed, type Ping and the website’s domain name. If the website is xyz.com: use the following commands:

C :Windows>ping xyz.com

This will fetch you the IP address of xyz.com’s. Now enter http://ip_address/ directly into the browser’s address box. If the website comes up, you’ve got a DNS problem. Fixing the problem is easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

From the desktop, right click on the Network Neighborhood icon and choose “Properties”. Scroll down the Configuration tab. You will find a copy of TCP/IP that is bound to the network adapter that connects to the network. Click on the correct adapter and then the Properties button. Obtain an IP address using the IP tab, and then, click on the DNS Configuration tab. Fix these settings by deleting all entries in the DNS Server Search Order box. Then press the Disable DNS button. Make sure there are no entries at the gateway too. Click the OK button and close all the windows. Restart your system when prompted. You can force your system to get new IP address information by pressing Win+R and typing “winipcfg”. Click the Release and Renew buttons under the More Info section. Now if you open your web browser, the problem should appear fixed.


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