What is meant by performance optimization?

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What is performance optimization? Please discuss the details of how the optimization performance affects or result the difficulties of maintaining the consistency of the systems during the future event of computer crashes or performance bar down.

Please I need an elaborative explanation.

Thank you so much.

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What is meant by performance optimization?


Hello Louisito,

Performance Optimization is really needed when your system in having a low  or not sufficient performance. Performance Optimization can be done in many ways. More uses software to do so, more often check there hardwares for line/systems errors.

How helpful Performance Optimization is?

This is very helpful because you are updated of your system, updated because you know the latest errors and problems to it, and by the time those crashes will occur, you can easily identify which problem mostly occurs.

Also, maintaining the good performance of your system would give you an ease of access, no hassle of using system applications, and less percentage of system crashes.

Thank you very much, and hope this help you lot.



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What is meant by performance optimization?


Hello louisito,

Optimization is one of the properties of object Oriented Systems. To enhance the ability or performance of computer system we use performance optimization. Optimized system offers gift to reuse- Two types of Optimization

  1. Machine dependent optimization
  2. Machine independent optimization

The major dissimilarity between them that Machine dependent optimization do not demonstrate the source program while on the other hand machine independent optimization demonstrates source program

Source program coded not in the machine languages it coded other than machine languages and before the finishing that required to be translated into machine languages. Performance optimization assists in speedy operations to the systems

Thank you and expect this will help out

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