What is Mackeeper for Mac

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I would like to ask what is MacKeeper. Also I would like to know what can it offer to my Mac as well as it's features. Also, I would like to get more details as to how much it costs?

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What is Mackeeper for Mac



Mac-keeper in a utility in Mac, that is meant to ensure protection of your system, perform clean and keep or maintain a healthy status of your computer.

It combines functionalities that are provided by Antivirus software, firewalls and other software that are meant to check the health of the system and guard them from risk of infection by Malware.

So instead of having all those firewalls, antivirus and other programs that are meant to keep your system safe, you can simply get a mac-keeper.

For detailed information about the features of the Mac-keeper and how much it costs, please visit the links below:



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What is Mackeeper for Mac


MacKeeper is a strange segment of the software in the Apple world. This tools is essential for your Mac. With its easy way help you to manage routine tasks & keep your Mac secure, clean as well running fast! Overall MacKeeper is a bundle of most vital system utility for doing numerous works on your Mac.

This software what can do for your Mac or its features:

1. Internet Security: it is the first module of MacKeeper helps to protect your PC from viruses, malware, spyware & Trojans.

2. Data Encryptor: This feature helps you to hide your files & folder so that no one can view or find them using terminal/ any other utility.

3. Recover Deleted Files on Mac – File Recover: Using this feature you can recover the files which you have deleted accidentally from your Mac.

4. File Shredder: This utility helps you to delete those files which one you don’t want to share with anyone. For example this utility is useful when you are selling your Mac. Before selling you can delete your important stuff with this utility.

5. Backup:  This utility of MacKeeper is important for creating backup copies of useful files to a Thumb drive, external hard disk/ FTP.

Like that MacKeepers consists 16 utilities in one interface to help. MacKeeper’s price is only “$40” with a ton of features. You can download latest official version from here. To know more about MacKeeper as well how you will install its awesome features easily visit this site and get more info.

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