What gadget should I use to improve the range of my WIFI?

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I need to extend the range of my WIFI so that it could reach the other office. Do I need another gadget for this? Kindly suggest.

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What gadget should I use to improve the range of my WIFI?


You can extend the range of your wifi through several ways:

1.  Increase the radio power setting.  Most routers allow users to adjust the transmission power through the web admin interface.  Make sure it is set to the maximum.  Below is a sample of the setting:


2.  Replacing the antenna with a high gain antenna.  Wireless routers have detachable antennas.  Depending on your router brand, you can purchase higher gain antennas that can increase the effective range of your wireless router.  An example is shown below:


3.  Using a wifi repeater.  These are also referred to as range extenders.  It looks like a router but it is limited to detecting, amplifying and transmitting other wifi signals.  Here are a few samples of range extenders from Netgear: 


4.  Setting up another wifi router as range extender.  Some wireless routers can be set up as a wireless repeater.  Consult your router manual on how to do it.  Although it might seem like a waste to use a router for this purpose, you can use an old wifi router or get a cheap one.


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