What is file and linked allocation please elaborate?

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Would you explain in detail what is this file and linked allocation? Please enumerate at least three (3) advantages and disadvantages of the variant linked allocation which uses FAT to connect the blocks of a files system in the Linux? I am looking forward for your reliable explanation and information, thank you so much.

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What is file and linked allocation please elaborate?


Hello Berns,

One that may be used for variant linked allocation is the method called Linked Allocation, which itself solve the problems that are associated with contiguous allocation. In this method, each of the files is taken as a linked list of the various disk blocks which may be spread all over the disk. In the directory, there is a pointer that points to the block at the beginning and the one at the end of the file.

With linked allocation, there will be no problems such as the external fragmentation and the ones associated with declaration of size of contiguous allocation. But in case FAT is not available, efficient direct access will be a bit hard to be supported by linked allocation. Reason to this is because the pointers on the blocks are spread all over and the blocks have to be retrieved systematically on the disk too.


Clair Charles


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