What configuration system and storage technologies required

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I want to use some computers to keep the records of an online library.

What configuration system and storage technologies do I need?

I do not know which one to use.


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What configuration system and storage technologies required


Hello Jody,

* If you are the owner of the Online Library site, well all you have to do is copy from the directory of your root file and transfer it to a portable / external hard drive or a Universal Serial Bus (USB) file thus has enough capacity to store your Library files. I don’t recommend however, storing important files from your PC, even though you have an antivirus installed, there could be times the computer corrupts, and I tell you that's a big problem. What I recommend instead is to backup your Library files from both Computers with USB or to Portable hard drive and vice versa. That way your data is secure

* If you are not, then you have to work it for it laboriously by copying and pasting the files from any Office program, Like Microsoft Word, Excel Open Offices or software that offers works just like them. Then Store it the way I told you in the first option.

Hope this helps you.


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