Unknown shut down and restart problem

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Some days back I faced a serious problem with my computer, which is installed with the Windows XP.  My computer started to restart and shutdown automatically.  I tried to clean up all the virus, downloaded updates but nothing worked out.  After that I have purchased Windows 7 recently and its working  good.

Right now I am looking forward for someone to clear my doubts, on why it happened and what should I do if it occurs again.

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Unknown shut down and restart problem


Hi Fedric,

The computer's restart problem is often found in XP, where it is called as Legacy hardware in computer circle.

These are often caused by the compatibility problems, which occur while installing hardware or a software. Can’t say it occurs every time you install a hardware or software but on occasions, where it becomes  incompatible.

The best troubleshooting problem will be, of rolling back the Devices and Software’s.

The possible symptoms for these kinds of issues are:

  • Unexpected Restarts and Shutdown
  • Blue screen errors.

The best way to troubleshoot it would be, reverting back the computer to the best working state, when it was working properly.

Like you can uninstall the recently added software and check whether the problem re-occurs.

If a driver is installed, just try to roll back the driver or try to install the updated version of Driver; and I don’t feel that this problem would re-occur anymore in Windows 7.

Install full version of Antivirus and schedule regular scans for you computer. Whenever you connect a plug and play devices like External Hard disk, Thumb drive make sure you scan it before opening that. These practices may help a lot to maintain your PC health.

 Enjoy computing.

I appreciate your interest to find out the root cause. Have a great weekend.

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Unknown shut down and restart problem


Thank you Stefen.  It's great of you.

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