Share with me Visual basic ideas for programs?

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Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner in visual basic and i want visual basic ideas for programs.Please provide me some suggestions and ideas what kind of programs can i develop in vb which will help me learn creating codes in visual basic.


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Share with me Visual basic ideas for programs?


Hi Jeffrey,

Visual basic is an interesting programming language to learn and among the best if one wants to learn how to code. In VB, we can have programs without databases and those that have.

Programs without databases can include:

1.    A program that computes the compound interest in a bank where the principle, rate and time are the inputs.

2.    A program that calculates the net pay of a certain person given the basic salary, loan, insurance and other deductions and allowances as inputs.

An illustration of a VB program:

Create a VB program that prompts one to enter their marks and assigns the grade according to the mark entered.


    Private Sub btngrade_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btngrade.Click  

    Dim Marks As Integer
        Marks = InputBox("enter marks of student", "Grade awarded")
        Select Case Marks
            Case 70 To 100
                MessageBox.Show("Grade A", "Excellent", MessageBoxButtons.OK)
            Case 60 To 69
                MessageBox.Show("Grade B", "Fair")
            Case 50 To 59
                MessageBox.Show("Grade C", "Average")
            Case 0 To 49
                MessageBox.Show("Grade F", "Fail")
            Case Else
                MessageBox.Show("Marks out of Range", "Retake")

                    End Select
    End Sub

Note: You can also create a program by using user defined procedures i.e. the sub procedures and function procedures where program execution is achieved through calling of functions. For example:

·         Create a program that uses a sub procedure called 'Inputnumbers' to input three integers.

·         Using a function procedure called 'SumAve', calculate the sum and average of the three integers.

·         Using a sub procedure called 'Outputresult', display the various results in a label ('lblDisplay').

·         Using the event procedure ('btnclick'), call the above procedures.

Programs that use databases will be taught later in the course but you can be trying out the following example and do some research on it:

·         Come up with a hospital system that enables adding and deleting of patient records and saving this information on a database (the database should have well defined tables showing clear relationships). Such programs are best developed by engaging in group work activities.

You can also click on this link for more help on VB program examples:

I hope you will benefit from the above examples.


Martin East.

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