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I have been having this problem for since long. I search for some information on Google that I need, but I am given other information that is nothing to do with what I am looking for. How to filter all the other rubbish out and come up with only the things I need to see? Can anyone help me with this because most of my searches are useless at the moment.

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Search the web more specifically


Hello Franklin,

Searching on Google has become quite an art now a days. Web surfing is a skill, which most of the people don’t know how to master or use it effectively. When you enter a term to search in Google, it will not provide you the same results as you would have wanted. Google and other search engines themselves filter your search results before they come to you. All search engines study your geographic location, your interests based on previous searches, your ethnicity and other credentials, and themselves choose the search results according to their choice. That is why mostly a lot of people come complaining about not to find proper and desired search results.

I am giving you some of the suggestions; you should keep in mind while searching:

Always use the specific keywords.

Put inverted commas (“”) in your keywords which will make your search specific.

Give brief and clear keywords.

Do filter your results by the options given on the right and left hand side of the page.

Set your preferences by using the “Advance Search”.

I think this information would help you.

Thank you

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