Saving on CIS systems for printers

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I got a lot of friends whose printers are modified to accommodate CIS systems or Continuous Ink Systems for printers. Basically replacing my cartridges with ones that connect to a large bottle full of ink. Will I really save money on these? Wont they damage my printer?

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Saving on CIS systems for printers


Hello Ashley,

Basically, purchasing the product and to convert it to CIS or continues ink system seems to be expensive. But in a long run you can save a lot. I personally have tried a lot of CIS on different printers.


– Running a low cost printing

– You can see the ink level and not depend on software to tell whether to refill or not. Convenience of never having to change the cartridges when they run out.


– Void printer's warranty

– Ink dries up and causes clogging, usually CIS consumables are composed of universal ink (DYE INK).

– Reduces lifespan of the printer

Now lets get back to your question:

1. Will I really save money on these?

Yes, you will save a lot of money in a long run in a form of printer consumables (INK REFILL). Buying bulk ink has never been cheaper.

2. Wont they damage my printer?


No, continues ink system itself will not damage the printer. Inspite of this there are some major factors which can possibly cause of printer damage. Using a low quality ink which can result clogging of print heads due to it has residues. And finally when the ink system has been improvised and do not have safety structure such as air filters and leak free cartridges.

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