Redesigned iMacs may Feature Anti-Reflective Glass Displays

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What is the highest available screen resolution of the redesigned iMacs monitor which features Anti-Reflective glass displays?

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Redesigned iMacs may Feature Anti-Reflective Glass Displays


The highest screen resolutions for the redesigned iMac monitors are:

27-inch: 2560 x 1440

21-inch: 1920 x 1080

The new iMac display is incredible. The LCD itself is 5 mm thinner than before, and an advanced process called full lamination is used to eliminate a 2-mm gap between the LCD and the glass, something that has never been done on such large displays.

Reducing the gap between LCD and the glass makes the images look as if they’re leaping off the glass.

Full lamination technique has also helped in eliminating the reflection of light off the LCD panel and off the back of the display’s cover glass.

To maintain color quality a process called plasma deposition has been adopted, in which the glass surface is coated with a very thin layers of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide,.

The result is an amazing 75 percent reduction in reflectivity with vibrant and accurate colors.

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