My monitor (ENVISION) have black spot

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I have a problem with my monitor now, it has a black spot and it seems to bigger and bigger particularly when its start to become hot. What should I have to do?

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My monitor (ENVISION) have black spot


Such problems are often seen on the computer. There is no reason for concern about this issue. This problem may occur for various reasons. You should check your electrical connection and check your monitor cables, VGA port. You should not keep your sound box beside of your monitor. That may harm your monitor.

Electrical Connection

You should check your monitor’s VGA port; you may get better result by changing VGA port and cable.
If the problem does not solve then you should contact with the service provider of this monitor company. They will do might help you in solving your problem if you have a warranty.


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My monitor (ENVISION) have black spot


Like you, I also have a problem with my monitor. If your problem is a black spot on an area of your monitor, mine is half of my screen is almost turning purple. That’s the usual problem with old monitors. That problem of yours can occur on LCD monitors and I think you are using this type.

Mine is an analog CRT and it’s not possible for me to have that problem because they have different components. If you are using an LCD monitor, once it started to have a black spot it will remain there for good and there’s no way of removing it unless you buy a new monitor.

If the black spot or area starts become bigger as the monitor heats up, that means there is a problem with the LCD panel or component of your monitor. If the black spot becomes bigger and it becomes harder for you to see images on the screen, I guess it’s time for you to replace it.

If you are using a CRT monitor, you can try degaussing it to try and remove some unwanted artifacts on the screen.

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