My Mobile Phone suddenly Turn Offs

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Hello there experts!

I really need your help on this one. Every time I'm typing a text, my phone suddenly turns off. But a few seconds later, it turns on again.

Is this responsible by a virus?


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My Mobile Phone suddenly Turn Offs



You have the problem with the power supply of your mobile phone ie. battery. The battery may be connected loose to your mobile phone. For this reason it turns off while typing a text. On the other hand, there may be problem with the main board of the mobile phone. There may be a short circuit with the keypad and main board. You guess virus problem. This is not a problem with virus. It’s a technical problem. You can solve it by yourself by repairing or changing the battery. If it is not solved in this way, please contact a good technician.

I hope you understand it.


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My Mobile Phone suddenly Turn Offs


If you Supply more information, It will be more helpful for best solution. There are many Issues will be on your Mobile, 

1. Virus infection

2. OS malfunction

3. Hardware failure.

so first run Antivirus software for clean your mobile. Then check you mobile OS and dry to update it. Finally Check your battery charge and keep it tight. Good luck. 

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My Mobile Phone suddenly Turn Offs


If that’s the current status of your handset, it’s hard to tell if the problem is caused by the phone’s software or the operating system or a problem in its hardware. Try doing a hard reset first to see if it’ll fix it. To do this, turn off your phone completely. When the phone is already off, press and hold on the volume up and power buttons simultaneously.

Release the buttons only when the device powers on. This method varies and depends on the brand of your handset. If this button combination doesn’t work, try holding the volume down and power buttons. If this doesn’t work either, press and hold volume up, volume down, and the power button. When the handset starts, read the screen carefully to learn how to navigate between the options.

In Lenovo, pressing the volume up button navigates between the items and the volume down button selects and enters the command. On this screen, select “Recovery mode”. On the next screen, select “wipe data/factory reset”. Use the volume up and volume down button to navigate between the items and press the power button to Enter.

On the next screen, navigate and select “Yes – delete all user data”. Press the power button to Enter. When it is finished, select “reboot system now”. After this, your handset should automatically restart and begins resetting everything. It will take a few minutes to finish. You will know when it is finished when it asks you to setup or select the language.

And that’s it. See if this fixes the problem. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the problem is probably with the hardware. You should bring it to a service center for proper servicing.

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