Malfunctioning of motherboard monitor for Lenovo ThinkPad X20 laptop

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Hi bloggers, I just bought my Lenovo ThinkPad X20 last month, I installed a software motherboard monitor for Lenovo, the first time I used the software was good enough and has an accurate result but after a week when I open my laptop and tried to open this application I noticed the motherboard temperature was really high reaching 63 degrees Celsius. Anyone can suggest if this is really normal for a brand new and newly open laptop? Hope to solve this problem soon. Thank you!

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Malfunctioning of motherboard monitor for Lenovo ThinkPad X20 laptop




Your case is quite normal for a brand new laptop. They get heated up quickly.

Here are some steps to keep the laptop cool.

1.       Never work with the laptop by placing it directly on to a cushion or bed. They get heated up quickly as the bed or cushion blocks the inside air to come out of the laptop and blocks the cool air from going in.

2.       Place your laptop on a cardboard or a wooden pad while using it on your bed.

3.       If you can spend some money, buy a cooling pad.

4.       Cooling pad helps in maintaining the temperature of your laptop and keeps it cool.

Thank you.  

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