Location of GPS information of a photo

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May I know where the GPS information of a photo is located and if I can get access to it? I viewed some photos also but could not find any such info in the details. Is there any option to disable this feature?

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Location of GPS information of a photo


Hi Aimeemorgann,
The GPS information of a photo is stored in the EXIF data of the device. All the data contains a piece of information to every
picture file of the camera.
There are several ways to access the information as stated below:
A) On a Mac device
1) On the Mac device, user can access information by following the steps stated below
2) Click on the photo file you want to view
3) Select the option 'Get Info' from the list
4) The details of the photo will be viewed by the user

B) Using Apple iPhoto
1) Open the iPhoto app on the device
2) Click on the places icon on the left in the library tab
3) Click on the pin of the pin of the photo and the data is displayed

C) On the PC
1) Right click on the image, click 'Properties' option
2) The window with the EXIF data will open
3) View all the data displayed to the user through the device

The steps to disable the GPS from the device are as follows:
1) Open the 'Settings' window in the device
2) Click 'Location Services' option in the device
3) Turn Off the option and the GPS is disabled from the device

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