Interesting Laptop Keyboard Problem? Whole Row Not Working?

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Hi there,

This is about a Problem which I faced today as well.

I've an HP g6 pavilion laptop. Sometimes I've strange keyboard problem with it. It often happens within about once or twice a month. & It is fixed automatically, but it is really annoying when it happens in the middle of my work & I'm stuck in the middle of something.

Actually Keyboards Middle Row > (A S D F G ……. Enter…….. up to Page Down) do not work. Whole row does not work except 2 buttons. Caps Lock & "H".

Cause: Unknown. Nothing. I'm always working like normal. Never messing with any software or hardware, just a simple browsing or word excel & it happens & I'm stuck & forced to use On-Screen Keyboard. After some time, say after about an hour or so, it automatically starts working. I never did anything to make it work.

It never dropped & I never used it badly.

I Googled & read someone wrote that, "In order to check that if it is a hardware or software problem, go to BIOS & press the keys which are not working. If you hear a Beep sound, then it is not a hardware problem, if you don't head a beep sound, it is a hardware issue".

Well, I've just checked this, & there was NO beep, when I pressed the keys not working in BIOS. Does it really mean that it is a hardware issue? Even if "Yes", then why does it starts working automatically.

Can anyone share his experience & help me get rid of this problem permanently?

Thanks a lot.

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Interesting Laptop Keyboard Problem? Whole Row Not Working?


Basically, Laptop keyboards are attached to the computer with a ribbon cable and the connector it can lose contact with one of the ribbons, or the ribbons themselves can break causing the keyboards to not work normal as the usual.

Inside your keyboard, you would notice a packaging tape like cable which can be very sensitive and can be a frequent source of trouble. Probably, you might have spilled something over it causing it to get stuck and no longer work. To give it a try, you may want to remove your keyboard and clean your contacts. If after cleaning it and still it won't work, I suggest that you should replace your keyboard.

By the way, just an advice, if your computer is out of warranty and you do not want to fix it yourself, I suggest that you bring it back to the factory or any in any independent computer shop to give you assistance. Have a nice day and Good Luck.

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Interesting Laptop Keyboard Problem? Whole Row Not Working?


If an entire row intermittently has a problem on your computer, you better have that checked by the manufacturer so that you can claim warranty and have the keyboard replaced. Such a problem shouldn’t be happening at all, when it starts to happen, that means there is an inconsistency in your components.

Your computer may also have a keyboard test that you can run when the problem happens again, this should help you determine if the problem is your keyboard or something else like your operating system. If not, you can just go to the BIOS and see if your keys can be used there.

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