How to recover deleted photos from digital card

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Like many people, I need help to recover accidentally deleted photos. When transferring pictures from my digital card on my computer, they are removed …

I used four data recovery software (all free for now) and doing research on my SD card and harddrive. The problem is that I can recover deleted photos.

Do you think it is necessary that I buy software? Would it be more efficient or do I have any chance?


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How to recover deleted photos from digital card


Dear Jackie,

Recovering it manually would be hard since these photos could be hidden and you might not even recognize it. So what you really need is a data recovery software. Actually there are many data recovery software that can effectively restore and save your photos to your computer. It's just that you need to select the appropriate brand of software. Those software that are for sale are more efficient than those that are free. Usually the effective ones are those that are well-known.You just need to do a little visit on some websites, read on there reviews about things that the brand can offer.

The nice thing about this data recovery software is that it's really easy to use and they are not too expensive. Well, I suggest check this particular suggestion.

Hope you will retrieve your lost photos.

Good luck.


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How to recover deleted photos from digital card


To recover your deleted photos first connect your digital camera to the computer using a USB. But if your digital camera doesn't appear in your "My Computer", you must now use an external USB card reader. You can buy it on some local computer shop. This external USB card reader is cheap but it's very useful. Because not just in data recovering but also recovering photos that you have accidentally deleted. When you insert this card reader it will appear in your "My Computer"  and it will now access your memory card.  And after you download it you can get it within a minute. It's just easy and fast. Hope it helps 🙂 

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