How To Refill My Printer Cartridge?

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My printer’s cartridge has gone empty. How to fill it? Is it possible I can do it home? Can anyone please mention how to do this, it will be very helpful.

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How To Refill My Printer Cartridge?


Yes, anyone can fill a printer’s cartridge. It is easy once you do it quite a few times.
Now firstly identify which type of cartridge your printer uses. Get the refills from the market or buy them online. Make sure you buy good quality refills as a local one might slightly differ in color and fluidity. After collecting all the things follow these steps-

1. If it is a tricolor injected cartridge, use 3 syringes (injections) for every color, plus one for black. Now carefully take the refills and syringes and fill them up with the ink. Now look carefully for which hole is for which color and inject the respective refills into the cartridge.


2. Be careful while injecting, and repeat the same process for each color.

3. If it is a powder refill cartridge, then use a paper and funnel and carefully look for the refill hole and put the ink in it.

4. If you find it risky and think you will deliver damage to the machine, then don’t worry and go for a professional, he will not charge much for the service.

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