How To Know What Is My PC Worth In The Latest Market.

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Guys I am planning to sell my computer as I am planning to build a new more efficient gaming PC. So can anyone tell me about the latest pricing system for PC hardware components or how to know what is my PC worth in the market according to latest prices?

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How To Know What Is My PC Worth In The Latest Market.


The total worth of a computer totally depends on its hardware components and which depends on a lot of factors such as the present condition, its age, contains original packaging or not, etc. And for the important part, the processor of a used computer is almost worth nothing.
And let us take a look at the pricing scheme of a second hand or used PC which is right now followed in the market. Now assuming that the hardware components are in a good condition, The processor would be worth around $170-$200, the motherboards are called out usually for around 4100, the RAM’s are given a price tag of ~$40, the CPU case goes with a price around $40, and the used monitors are usually worth around $100, the used HDD’s are hard to be priced as no one purchases it now, talking about a good condition SSD, it may go for around $25, Used keyboards are given a tag of $30-$50 and the used mouse are worth ~$30 or so.

Now the price of used keyboards and mouses depends on their condition. These are the components which are taken into consideration while pricing a second-hand computer. Now you can also check what’s your PC worth at
Hope this helps you.

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