How to repeat video on Mac RealPlayer?

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Hi to everyone,

How to repeat video on Mac realplayer? This is my first time to handle and use Mac operating system and I need some guidance along the way. How can I rewind or repeat a specific area in a video using Real player? This is also my first time using Real Player multimedia application.

 Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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How to repeat video on Mac RealPlayer?



Follow the steps.
1. Launch or open the Real Player by double clicking on the desktop shortcut of Real Player.
2. In Real Player window at the right top click on Real player arrow.
3. A drop down menu will appear.
4. In Drop down menu go to play menu and then click on continuous play.
5. It will enable the loop function for you in Real Player.
6. Play your track and the Real Player will handle it for you the rest.

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