How to manage extranet companies?

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Hello, Guys! You know secured extranets are used to provide virtual data room services to help manage transactions between companies in sectors. I want to know the managing system of extranet companies data by using extranet tools. Can anyone help me?

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How to manage extranet companies?



Here is a link to a great program called Extranet Manager. You can download a 30 day trial version to see if the program will work for you.

  • Some of the programs features are
  • It integrates into social media sites
  • It has a comment section for employees to share ideas with one another
  • They give training on how to use the program

Another Extranet option to use is Centroy

It has very similar features to Extranet Manager. You can compare the two and see which solution will suit your needs.

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How to manage extranet companies?


Extranet manager is a website that securely and privately allows users outside a company or an organization to share content and information. It integrates various technologies to ensure proper security and privacy.

Digitalized certificates and firewall server management are the commonly used technologies.

Check here for more information.

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How to manage extranet companies?


Hi Harrite,

Now your question is that you want to learn the managing system of extranet companies by using extranet tools right?

There are seven basic things you need to go through first in order to achieve your destination.

1. Content Management.

2. Customer relationship management.

3. Intranet and extranet development.

4. Supply chain management.

5. Interactive web-base learning.

6. Kiosk applications

7. Mobile applications.

Now if you know all the above things than four basic tools are utilized for the above said things.

1. SAT

2. UMT

3. EHP

4. URT

To learn how to operate them in detail here is a Microsoft link.

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How to manage extranet companies?


Enterprise Portal Platform is a framework for hosting extranet application. This extranet management tool provides different type users for the hosted extranet to control access right of users. The administrator adds users to the system and defines their system role based on the tasks they need to perform. Thus this tool control users and manage the extranet system.

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