How do you perform task scheduling in windows?

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I have tried using the task scheduler in windows but to no avail. I would like someone to give me a little background to scheduling tasks in windows 7. Please, how do you assign a task to the scheduler to perform? How do you optimize the scheduler to do unfamiliar tasks in windows?

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How do you perform task scheduling in windows?


Hi Amy G Thomson,

I will advise you further on how to schedule a task using Task Scheduler in Windows 7.

To schedule a task in Windows 7, please follow these steps carefully:

1. Click on the 'Start'  button

2. Click on on 'All Programs'.

3. Click on the 'Accessories' folder in the menu that pops up.

4. Next, click 'System Tools' and select 'Task Scheduler' from the list that drops down.

5. After opening 'Task Scheduler', click 'Create a Basic Task' from the 'Actions' menu on the right.

6. You will now be asked to name your task and write a description of it. Please name and describe the task you wish to schedule.

7. Next, click the 'Next' button, 'Trigger' will be highlighted on the list on the left. Here you will have to choose how frequently you need this task to be executed (daily, weekly, etc.). Please select the appropriate one.

8. After selecting, Daily, weekly or monthly, you will be asked to choose the specific dates that you would like this task to be completed on. Please select the day/s that you desire.

9. Now, click the 'Next' button, 'Action' will be highlighted on the list to the left. Here will need to specify what actions you need to be done on the dates you selected. For example: Start a program, Send an email, etc. Please select the action you desire to be done.

10. Click the 'Next' button. If you selected to run a program, you will need to click the 'Browse' button on the right and locate the program you need to run and select it.

11. After choosing the program you want to run, click the 'Next' button. Here you will see a Summary screen with all the options that you entered. If all the information displayed is accurate the click the 'Finish' button.

If any details need to be changed, click the 'Back' button and adjust them and then hit the 'Next' button.


You have now successfully scheduled a task in Windows 7.

To schedule additional tasks, please repeat the steps shown above.

Thank you.


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How do you perform task scheduling in windows?



How are you? The task Scheduler permits you to form all types of robotic tasks in Windows. You may schedule a program to sprint at a particular time interval, a message to be displayed when something come to pass and so on. We may use different methods to do this.

The first method is:  

Step 1 : Go to start menu.

Step 2 : Go to All Program option

Step 3 : Go to Accessories option

Step 4 : Go to System Tools option

Step 5: Finally go to the Task Scheduler. You may also open scheduler by typing schedule in the search box of the start menu.

Second Method :

Step 1 : Go to control panel.

Step 2 : Go to system and security option

Step 3 : Go to Administrative Tools option

Step 4 : Finally go to the Task Scheduler. That is exactly it. The second method is also useful for windows 8 and 8.1.

Moreen Jamnelly

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