How do you develop a portable software using an IDE?

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 What are the major differences between portable software and application software?

Are their any software development methods that we can use when developing portable software?  

Could we use IDEs like Net Beans IDE to develop portable software?

What are the major differences in coding?

Could you please help me to find answers?

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How do you develop a portable software using an IDE?



You can make or edit portable software with IDE (Integrated Development Environment) easily.

There are many companies providing IDE software in the market. You just need to find the one that suits you. 

Visual LANSA is one of them. You can find this software in the internet.

Download this software and install it in your computer. Now run this software.

You will see this window box.

Here you will find an option to make any software portable.

If you have programming knowledge, you should have no difficulty.

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How do you develop a portable software using an IDE?


Hello Rajiv, 

Portability of applications across different platforms is a attractive subject that has taken a lot of attention around the globe for some time. Most software developers think that portability is a valuable attribute to their projects. It has been quite difficult for an application with a graphical user interface (GUI) to be truly portable, until recently.
The latest Java update, with its enriched set of GUI tools, is being bringing portability to virtually all platforms. Java has been ported to a larger number of platforms. Java achieves the portability by using its virtual machine, which runs on a particular computer. Standard Java code is compiled into platform-independent byte code, which can execute on any Java virtual machine (JVM).
Java has ultimately become the first choice when a new application has to be written with portability. Its various characteristics allow for quick, safe, error free, portable and cost-effective code. 
You can learn something about cross platform developing from here:

Also refer about Motif, GNOME, KDE, FLTK etc 
You might learn something. 

Happy learning!

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