Hard Disk only shows part of data

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I have a 500 GB hard disk on my Compaq Desktop. A few days ago I disassembled by computer to dust it off. But after returning everything the hard disk had a problem. I could only see 100 GB of data and 400 GB free space. While actually I had 300 GB of data on the Disk. How could I have lost data just like that? Is the data deleted? How do I recover it?

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Hard Disk only shows part of data


   this is a very common issue when it comes to the hard disks.

As you know the hard disk is a magnetic storage device and its very sensitive too.

The causes of the problem can be,
1. You placed the disk near some magnetic device. The magnetic signals can physically harm the data and can wipe out the addresses where the data was stored and this will harm it in a manner that the data might be still in there but it has no track so it is not displayed by the OS/

2. The second reason can be that when you re-connected it the power to the disk is not properly connected and hence the disk is not getting full power hence it is not displaying the whole data.

3. The third reason can be hardware malfunction.

For solution,
1. Try to unplug it and again plug it so that it is properly connected.
2. Try a recovery software and try to recover your data in case it still shows blank.
3. If these two do not solve the issue contact the hardware manufacturer and get it replaced.

Hope you got your answer! 🙂

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