Google going to stop iGoogle

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Can anyone tell me what exactly is this iGoogle ? How it is useful to us ? What is the alternative for iGoogle if google removes it?

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Google going to stop iGoogle



iGoogle is you own Google homepage. Google allows you to customize this page. The iGoogle allows users to compile their favorite games, notes, latest news, mail, etc.

You can use the mobile version of iGoogle only until July 31, 2012. You can use the desktop version of iGoogle until November 1, 2013. The iGoogle will be discontinued because of the increase in websites and social networking sites that allows the users to have a personalized homepage.

Since iGoogle is basically a collection of different Google applications that appear on one page, there is no real need to worry about loss of files or other data. You can easily access the news feature, sports feature, and your mail in Google.

For those who still want a page that you can customize Google Chrome could be a great alternative.

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Google going to stop iGoogle


iGoogle is formerly known as the Google Personalized Homepage. It is a customizable Ajax-based personal web portal or start page launched on May 2005 by Google. iGoogle was retired on November 1, 2013 while the mobile version was discontinued on July 31, 2012. iGoogle was discontinued because Google believed it became useless over time. Google made the service available in 42 languages in many localized versions in more than 70 country domain names as of October 17, 2007.

iGoogle was being used by 7.1 million users in February 2007. 20 percent [20%] of all users who visit Google’s home page are using iGoogle in April 2008. Google created the left sidebar feature of iGoogle to be able to compress the size of the gadgets that users want to have. It is also intended to accommodate young chat users who are not into sports, news, financial markets, weather, and other features.

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