FTP error 425 on AWS EC2 for Windows clients

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Hello TehyV buddies!

I am having some problem on AWS EC2 for windows client. Everything is working fine after installing Zpanel. However, when trying to connect via FTP from windows clients, an error is encountered. Mac users don’t encounter this problem only windows OS. The error is this: “425 Can't open data connection”

This error happened when the mode is active and passive. I am not sure what could have caused this so I am begging any help from anyone who has knowledge about this. Thank you!

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FTP error 425 on AWS EC2 for Windows clients


Hello Kenny,

There likely causes to the error you are getting are the following, and therefore you will need to fix them:

  • The server could be configured in a manner that allows it to always use the same port for passive mode connections, or the client could be configured so that it can use the same port for active mode connections. In the latter case usually the software being used could be questionable and there it is expected to raise a different error.
  • If it is in the passive mode, then the firewall in front of the FTP server will not have the right ports open.  In that case the server requires that the client to be connected to a certain ip address on a particular port x, but the issue is the firewall will not allow incoming connections on that particular port.




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