Failed to get window handle from web browser

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Hi to all bloggers, I am using Iespell to spell checked my blogs, when I am about to spell check my work, an error message appeared on my screen, it tells me that it failed to get window handle from web browser.

Failed to get window handle from web browser.

As I looked upon the error I pasted above, its somewhat to complicated to understand, since the error message is not clear in identifying the cause of the error, that is why I don't have any idea on where to start in fixing the error, I am now asking for some help to all that has an idea with this error, thanks guys.

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Failed to get window handle from web browser


This happens only when the option "Check Spelling" appears in the context menu. So, for example, when I right-mouse click on the edit screen used to create this post, "Check Spelling" does not appear in the context menu, so if I use the ieSpell add-in button, it works. BUT, if I go to Gmail and edit an email there, "Check Spelling" does appear in the context box and when selected, the above message appears.

Again, this only began happening in very recent M2 releases, earlier versions worked. (I'll try going back a couple of versions to see if that help things and will report back).


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