Explain in brief about Firebird and its necessity

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Can this run on at x386, x64 and PowerPC, Sprac and other hardware platforms? Is it open source? What is multi-generational architecture and how can I get facility from it? Describe about its security. Can this support cross database query? Is there a tar. gaz distribution available? Can it be able to create backup copies without stopping database? Is Firebird connectivity available in PHP framework? What is the latest version available in Firebird? What is Read Only Deployments? Is it integrated with Sphinx? Thank You

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Explain in brief about Firebird and its necessity



              The Firebird is open SQL database management system that runs Linux, Windows and Unix. Recently the Firebird 1.5 the code has been largely created.

              The previous version is 2.1.6 which added procedural triggers and support SQL 2003 statements. Though the summer code 2013 has begun replacement for libreoffice.

              The planned release version 3.0 is expected to store procedures such as Java and c++ and windows functions. The first beta version was released November 2014.

              The statement mozilla Firefox name said project code name. 9th February 2004 mozilla renamed Mozilla Firefox and finally ending the conflict.

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