Error: Unable to execute command:

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Heloo guys, My post here is all about my problem when I run ArcGis, I am using this application for months now, just this morning when I am about to start my working day, when I run it, it did not run because of an error, the error message goes like Unable to execute command, I pasted below the full message for better understanding of my post.

Execution failed: ‘v.db.addcol.bat.exe.exe [email protected] layers=1

columns=xkoor double precision’


Error: Unable to execute command: ‘v.db.addcol.bat.exe.exe

[email protected] layers=1 columns=xkoor double precision’


 The error message I got seems to complicated to understand, I can not refer to the help screen of the application, since it will not run, that is why I decided to post my problem here, so that others may comment on my issue, please share some comments on this problem, thanks.

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Error: Unable to execute command:


Hi Jovy,

Regarding with that problem of yours. I will ask you this do you know where this application program installed? If you know it, then this how you got  to do Right Click on the Icon of the ArcGis shortcut icon for the exe, then select properties and now notice the Target were the source is getting and the Startin which when you click the icon then it must find first the source link into it where the real ArcGis exe file is located, and if it is altered by another link and that is why you have that error and if not. Then go to that folder where the program is then if you find out that ArcGis.exe is not present then you need to reinstalled the program if it has an option to do repair then good. 

I hope it could help you.

By: Mikeys

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