Error 6420: The ‘discovery’ Database Server failed

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I was reformatting a computer due to numerous virus. After the operating system was installed successfully, I installed the accounting application. When I try connecting to the database server, an error message appeared. It said unable to connect to server.

ODBC–call failed.

[Extended Systems][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 6420: The ‘discovery’ process for the Advantage Database Server failed. Unable to connect to the

Advantage Database Server. axServerConnect (#6420)

I analyzed the error. It is pointing to a connection to the server. First I checked my network connection, it's up and running. I checked on my odbc config, every entry is correct. Lastly, I called on the database administrator to ask, if there is some bug-down, but since no workers can log-in. I ran out of ideas in solving this error. I am asking for some ideas on my problem.


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Error 6420: The ‘discovery’ Database Server failed


Hi Gregory!

This happens when response is not received by the database server computer. Focus Reports software must discover the database server. The error occurs when multiple versions of MediSoft are installed on 1 computer. Here are ways to correct the problem:
Make sure that the Program Path in MediSoft's registry entry is correct. Go to:
(HKEY_CURRENT_USERS/Software/MediSoft/patient Accounting/Program Path(where the LastCon.cfg file is located). Choose 1 of the 2 ways in which this could be done:
– Uninstall all versions of MediSoft and reinstall the correct version or,
– Edit the registry with the correct value for the MediSoft program files.
Enable NetBIOS on the TCP/IP. If you're using:
Windows XP:
Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection -> Right click & goto Properties -> Advanced & select WINS tab in the TCP/IP Settings window -> Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and save this setting. (If you have more than one computer, repeat process on all of them.) Restart the computer when the change is complete.
Additional Steps (if the above-mentioned steps will not work):
1. Try installing the IPX/SPX/NetBIOS protocol on all computers on the network
2. If there's a firewall on your network (firewall software or firewall hardware), it's possible that this firewall is preventing the communication between the workstation and the database server. Configure the ports 1743 (TCP) and 47 (UDP) in the firewall.
3. Try also Manual Configuration. Go to Start -> Programs -> Advantage Database Server -> Documentation. Open the help file and search for ADS.INI.
Note: You have to restart all computers on the network after doing each step to test the result & attempt to start Point of Success.
You can also try using static IP addresses for each computer on the network
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Error 6420: The ‘discovery’ Database Server failed



The problem you are encountering can be a result of several reasons. You can try the following methods to resolve this problem.

1. You have to verify the if Advantage Database Server is installed and successfully running on the location of the database.

2. If you are attempting to use the Advantage Local Server, then you have to make sure that in the settings the server types is set correctly.

3. If you are using Native SQL Utility in the Advantage Data Architect, and you want to use the Advantage Local Server, select the connection type to ‘Local(ALS)’.

4. If the server has NetWare 5 or advanced version, the Advantage Local Server has to be minimum to 5.6 and Advantage client 2.6.

5. If the communication is to a server that has only IPX installed then make sure the Advantage client is authorized to send IPX packets.

6. If the connection is through a firewall, then Advantage IP communication ports should be configured properly.

I hope this information serves to your cause.

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