Driving Assistance in Mercedes Makes Elegance and Top-of-the-Edge

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I want to ask few questions about this new car. I want to enlighten myself with Mercedes Benz S- Class and its features. What is Active Lane-Keeping Assist? What is the helpful usage of Attention Assist? What is new to Active Parking Assist of this car? How does Brake Assist Plus works with this car? What is Pre-Safe Impulse? What is Pre-Safe Plus and does it contributes to safe-driving? How Night View Assist Plus works? How does it look like? Is like the spectrums in night-vision goggles of military personnel? Please help me and provide answers. Thank you!

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Driving Assistance in Mercedes Makes Elegance and Top-of-the-Edge


1.   Active Lane-Keeping Assist – prevents the driver from leaving the line especially in the curved roads. Warning will be displayed if the driver loses lane path. If there’s a risk of collision with the car and the road.

2.   Attention Assist – during long journey that drivers suffer from tiredness or fatigue. If the system recognizes that the driver will fall to sleep or tiredness, the system will then give alarm to alert the driver. It measures also how long the driver is on the wheel. This helps avoid accident.

3.   Active Parking Assist – though this technology is not new to any advanced car, this system uses haptic sensors to signal the driver if there’s any collision that might happen while parking. It gives automatic parking way for the driver to avoid critical errors.

4.   Brake Assist Plus (BAS Plus) – enhanced brake system, it monitors the area in front of the car especially in crossings. Even if you press the break to light, the system of this car will push more brake if it will detect nearby vehicle that might collide with the car.

5.   Pre-Safe Impulse – reduces the injury during collision or accidents. The airbags will inflate and deflate according to the severity of impact. The seatbelts will tighten and will stretch if there’s need to protect the passenger from collision.

6.   Night View Assist Plus – it shows infrared view at night times on the car display monitor. This works perfectly with eye-sight difficulties. Rocks that is hard to see and objects that tend to blend with the environment, almost similar to military goggles.

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