Document on Zip file – how will I view it?

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I uploaded a document for my research. It's on a zip file.

I try to view it but it took a while to open it. Is there a way where I can convert this to a word or excel document?

Please see the image below.


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Document on Zip file – how will I view it?


Good day MAJOE,

Based on the screenshot that you provided, the file inside your ZIP file is a RAR file.  RAR is another type of file compression much like ZIP.

The view windows that pops up suggests either of the following:

1.  Your version of WinZIP does not support RAR files.

If you still want to use WinZIP, download and install its latest version which supports RAR files.  You could also try other file archivers such as "WinRAR" (best for handling RAR files and can also handle ZIP files) or "7-zip (can handle many formats aside from RAR and ZIP)".

To download and install 7-Zip, please watch the video below:

2.  The file within your ZIP file has a RAR extension but is actually not a RAR file.

For this problem, the only thing you can do is to extract the file and try changing the extension (e.g., .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.) and see which file extension will let Windows open it successfully.

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Document on Zip file – how will I view it?


Gud day MAJOE,  you cannot just rename or change your file into a word or excel file format for it will not work, because it is compressed, the true file you are looking for is inside it. Every files has its own softwares that could open them, like .doc file, you will gonna need a Microsoft Word to open it, Windows media player to open audio and video file. And base in your screenshot, your file is compressed, specifically compressed as .zip and .rar, since you are using a Winzip software which has only capability to extract  a zip file archive,  you will gonna need a software which could extract both. And Winrar is the best choice for that. Click in here to download and install it.

After you install it. Just right click the file and choose Extract here. And it will be extracted and you will notice that another compressed file appeared named as Desktop.rar. Then the next thing you have to do is to extract the Desktop.rar,  right click on it choose Extract here and another file will appear and that must the true file you are looking for. And you can open it using microsoft office if ever it is in document or excel format.



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