Different types of CDNs and their relevance today

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What is a Telco Content Delivery Network (Telco CDN)? What is its advantage over a traditional CDN? Name some Telco CDNs. What is a federated CDN? How has cyber security, scaled up to meet the demands of a CDN? What is the Internet Content Adaptation protocol?

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Different types of CDNs and their relevance today

A content delivery network is a system of multiple servers that are
maintained at various centers over internet.It's main aim is to 
provide end-users the utmost performance and availabity.Through the
Telco CDNs video transmittion is possible. Telco CDNs use Cachy
environment through which distance travelled by the video can be 
minimised.Telco CDNs have a bulit-in cost advantage as the traditional
CDNs must lease bandwidth from them.
In June 2011, StreamingMedia.com reported that a group of TSPs had
founded an Operator Carrier Exchange (OCX)[21] to interconnect 
their networks and compete more directly against large traditional
DNs like Akamai and Limelight Networks, which have extensive PoPs
worldwide. This way, telcos are building a Federated CDN offer, 
much more interesting for a content provider willing to deliver 
its content to the aggregated audience of this federation.
ICAP is identical to HTTp protocol used to expand the transparent 
proxy servers

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