Create backup mySQL SQL 2005

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Good day for all Techyv users.

I am about to receive a lot of data out mysql SQL 2005 with my new contract in my online based job. I was advised to use backup but it cannot create valid csv. I cannot deal with any row that has a string with comma in it since strings do not express the essentials of csv and csv does not tell anything about data types.. My head bangs for this. Is there a tool that can connect both SQL and mysql server and then execute the copy? Will I find it hard to simulate a table from one database to another?

Let's say the mysql SQL 2005? I hope anybody knows such tool. It doesn’t matter what simplifications will occur as long as it will support integer and string. I need the set of data to be faster that would limit pruning and normalizing.

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Create backup mySQL SQL 2005


Hi Fabion,

No need to worry, there are tools and other backup methods as well which will help you accomplish the task with ease.

“MySQL Backup Tool” is one such tool that allows you to make automated backups, manual backups and provide provisions for scheduled backup as well.

Other methods to backup include backing up with MySQLDump, using PHP to backup MySQL Database, backup via SSH etc.

More details about these methods can be found here.

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