Connecting the Xbox 360 to DVI

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I just an xbox 360 and I have only a DVI screen. I managed to get a DVI to HDMI converter socket. I connected my console to the screen and it worked fine. Then I proceeded to test a game and found out that there was no output of sound.

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Connecting the Xbox 360 to DVI



I suggested you to buy an “Optical / RCA Audio Adapter” for the output of sound. And, if you do not want to buy and product, you can follow these below steps for the output of the sound:

· Firstly, take the “RCA Cable” which has three different color wires attached to it i.e. red color, white color and yellow color wires that had given along with “Xbox 360” gaming console.

· Then, open the case where the “RCA Cable” plugs into the “Xbox 360” gaming console with the help of a screwdriver.

· Remove the “Xbox 360” gaming console case in such a way that there will be a room for the “HDMI Cable”.

· After doing it, get a few nicks from the screwdriver and put the case off.

· After that, put that in a safe place.

· If the connector is loose, then use the electrical tape around it.

· Then with the casing removed, you are able to plug-in the “HDMI port”. But, only use the red cable wire and white cable wire of “RCA Cable” for the sound.


Hope this answer will help you a lot.


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