Can someone tell my how to zip into 2 parts Mac OS?

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Hallo there!

I have some big files in my Mac machine and I would like to Zip them into two parts each for easy transfer using a flash drive. Can someone tell me how to zip into 2 parts Mac Operating System and be able to extract them either individually or collectively? I need this to be able to transfer them between computers yet I do not have a flash disk or external hard disk with a big capacity. Thanks.

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Can someone tell my how to zip into 2 parts Mac OS?


Greetings Greg Lewis!

Compressing a file and splitting it into two files requires an application such as WinRar. This application supports compressing and splitting the files. Here is the solution for your problem.

1. Download WinRar for Mac OS.

2. Compress you files using WinRar.

3. Watch this video on how to slit .rar files in mac.

I hope this will help you in your problem.

Thanks a bunch!

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