Can I renew my Codewarrior 63 64 bits free license?

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I'm using Freescale's CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v6.3 64 bit on Windows 7 in creating control panels for fire alarms and my free license just expired. 

I'm fond of using this because it has an integrated Flash Programmer. 

How do I renew my Codewarrior 63 64 bits free license? 

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Can I renew my Codewarrior 63 64 bits free license?



It is close to impossible to get a free license after your evaluation period is over. All that u can do is delete traces of the program (registry keys) and  re-install the program afresh. This is how to go about it

1. Click the START button.

2. Type REGEDIT and then press ENTER to open REGISTRY EDITOR.

3. Navigate through the registry key branches until you reach the subkey (the folder on the left) that you want to delete, or the sub key that contains the value (on the right) you want to delete.

4. Backup the registry key you are about to delete just in case you're wrong and need to restore the information back to the Windows Registry later.

5. If you're deleting the registry sub key, make sure it's selected on the left. If you're deleting a specific registry value, make sure it's selected on the right.

6. With the sub key or value selected, choose EDIT and then DELETE from the registry editor menu


      If you're deleting an entire subkey on the left, you'll be prompted with a Confirm Key Delete message:

·         If you're deleting one or more individual values on the right, you'll be prompted with this Confirm Value Delete message:

·          No matter the confirmation message, click on the Yes button to remove the key or value.

8. Close Registry Editor.

9. Restart your computer. Depending on the keys or values you removed, you may need to restart to see the changes take effect in Windows 7 or in another program.

Once this is done you can reinstall your program as a trial version

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