Battery heating problem in Dell Venue 7 3730 HSPA+

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It was one time when I was very happy with my newly bought Dell Venue 7 3730 HSPA+ and I was satisfied with my choice. But now I am facing a serious problem with the battery consumption and temperature of the device. Nothing happens while watching videos and even browsing but at the side of gaming the device gets overheated. Even when I play some normal games like flappy bird the device gets heated up more than while browsing and the battery level drains very fast. Please help me to solving this problem.

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Battery heating problem in Dell Venue 7 3730 HSPA+


Hello Willie!

Here are the best tips that you can use to minimize the heat and solve the overheating of your laptop.

A.      You can use cooler pads to maintain/suppress the overheating of your laptop. This is the best way to safely sustain the temperature level of your laptop.

B.      Alternatively, you need to clean the laptop’s system fan to give the fan easier to rotate and will not heat up right away.

1.       It is easy to remove and clean laptop’s system fan. You don’t have to be professional to do this. Just be ready with your screw driver and remove the battery and unplug the power cord from the electrical socket.

2.       Unscrew all the locks around at the back of your laptop. Carefully slide or wiggle your laptop’s covering and you will see right away the system fan. You don’t have to disconnect any wires connected to it just make it sure that you properly and completely clean the dusts and spray it with cleaning agent.

3.       Place back the fan, cover your laptop and screw the locks gently and properly.

C.      Alternatively, you can remove your battery instead and directly connect your laptop through a power socket. To check for your battery’s life try to do the following steps.

1.       Restart your laptop and continuously press “F2” to enter BIOS set up.

2.       Go to “General” and select “Battery Information.”

Yu can also try this option

1.       Click Start >>> go to Control Panel >>> look for Hardware and Sound >>> select Power Options >>> and go to Dell Battery Meter.

2.       Or Press the “Windows” + “R” buttons to open the Run dialog, type mblctr.exe, press “Enter” button. It will show you the options and the status of your battery.

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