The backup file is unusable.You must erase it, or choose another file

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On my computer, I was doing some important work of mine.

All of a sudden it power cut and when I restarted it, I wanted to open backing archive file which is stored in this Programs/Accessories/System Tool and then an error showed on the screen

"The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file".

Now I cannot access my main data stored in the backup files as a result severely my work is getting hampered.

I need to recover these files. What need to do?

Give a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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The backup file is unusable.You must erase it, or choose another file


Hello Shirley,

You are getting that error because the backup file is corrupted, and therefore the Windows backup file format that it is in is not valid. What Windows does when it opens a backup file is that it checks the file to be sure that it is a valid backup file. In the event that the file is incomplete or corrupted, then the backup file process will not be able to add and restore any data to or from the file as well. The file cannot be used by the Windows backup process if it is messed up.

Therefore, to ensure that the integrity of a backup file is kept intact, you will need to select the Verify Data After Backup advanced option as you perform any backups. This will ensure that the system backup process of the computer finishes successfully and as well keeps intact the integrity of the backup files. Regards, Carl

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