Article Over What Is Non Oem Ink And What Are Impacts Of Using Them.

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Guys I am a college graduate and I have to take a lot of printouts for my projects and assignments, so as you all can guess how frequently I may run out of ink. Now I have always used Epson ink in my P50 printer, which is a bit expensive and costs me a lot monthly. But recently one of my friends told me about NonOEM inks which he says are cheap. So can anyone tell me what is nonoem ink and how come isn’t it cheap?

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Article Over What Is Non Oem Ink And What Are Impacts Of Using Them.


OEM stands forOriginal Equipment Manufacturer.” And now an OEM ink is the ink manufactured by the manufacturer of your printer. They are usually a perfect match for your printer as they are specially manufactured to support your printer. Now as it is because they are manufactured my the printer manufacturers to support a particular version of their printers they are usually expensive. That’s where NonOEM inks comes to the scene, NonOEM inks are the opposite of OEM’s which are also called as compatible inks.


NonOEM inks are usually manufactured by third-party manufacturers. These inks are manufactured to support many printers which are of the similar make. They are compatible with many printers also they are not as perfect as an OEM ink. And It is quite understandable, like all other electronics products OEM inks are a better match for printers. Non-OEM’s are comparatively cheap for the same reason.

Which makes them quite popular but have they also have their cons. They may cause issues like nozzle clogging, lower print quality and other unmentionable problems in the long run. But looking at the price and for a small-scale use they are a better alternative to OEM’s.

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Article Over What Is Non Oem Ink And What Are Impacts Of Using Them.


Non-OEM inks refer to refilled or remanufactured inks. A refilled or remanufactured toner or ink is an original name brand cartridge that was professionally cleaned, refilled with similar quality ink, and tested to guarantee you get the same print quality as with the original cartridge. Remanufactured or refilled inkjet and laser toner cartridges are usually collected from community recycling programs and fundraising initiatives.

You may also see ads posted on newspapers and magazines that they buy used original printer ink cartridges. Clover Technologies, one of the leading remanufacturing companies located in Illinois has broken down the remanufacturing process:

  • Once cartridges are received, they are sorted by part number and stored in a temperature controlled environment to prevent drying out.
  • Quality control professionals inspect every cartridge for damages visually then tested for peak performance with an electrical tester.
  • Remaining ink is emptied from the cartridge and a thorough cleaning process is performed by a high power cleaning system using demineralized water.
  • Every cartridge is filled by a custom built ink filling machine to their actual OEM specifications. Every cartridge is dried after cleaning then vacuum filled with high quality ink. The ink formula used is as close as possible to the name brand without violating patents. If cartridges use smart chip, a new smart chip is applied which allows the printer to identify the cartridge and display a correct working ink level monitor.
  • The cartridges are checked to verify that they have the correct internal atmospheric pressure then carefully sealed to prevent leakage.
  • Every cartridge undergoes the same page yield testing like with an original brand cartridge. They are tested for page yield using ISO/IEC 24712 standards which is an industry wide standard used to guarantee optimum performance and quality. The test is performed with at least three (3) printers and a sequence of five (5) test pages are printed consecutively in order followed by a diagnostic page.
  • Once a cartridge passed the test, it is again cleaned, polished, heat-sealed in a vapor resistant bag, and boxed for shipment.

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