All about online flash drive format tool.

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Hello experts,

All about online flash drive format tool. Is there an available online flash drive formatting tool? I would like to format my flash drive because there are so many viruses and hidden files that will probably cause a problem with my laptop if I will insert it on the usb port. I just want to secure all my gadgets that will receive data from my flash drive. Thank you.

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All about online flash drive format tool.



Hello Angela,
                        For online UBS formatting tool you will have to insert your USB drive to your laptop. So, If you have to insert your USB in your laptop then you just follow my instructions for formatting your USB.
Insert your USB to your Laptop, An auto run window will appear.
Simply click "cancel" that will appear in the right bottom of the window. This will help to stop the virus spread.
Now click "START" and open "run".
Type "cmd" in the run and press enter.
In cmd type following command: 
                                                                        format/x F:
                                         Here F: refers to your removable disk name letter.
        6.  Now press ENTER.
That's it your drive will be formatted and your problem will be solved. 
If you want to remove viruses to protect your important data then you should check following link:
Hope it was helping for you 
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All about online flash drive format tool.



I guess you have an autorun turned on in your computer that's why when you plugged in your pen drive and a programmed virus is executed. Otherwise System does not provide any access to flash drives.

So you can turn off Auto run. Just go that link and turn off Autorun:

After turning off Autorun follow the step below to format Flash Drive by Using Command Prompt.

Step 1. Click on Start.
Step 2. Click on Run or Press “Windows key + R”.
Step 3. Type “cmd” and press Enter.
Step 4. Type “format driveletter”. For Ex: “C:>Format D:” And Press Enter.
Step 5. Then Press “Y”. And wait for a min to complete the formatting to 100%.

It is the best process to format a flash drive rather than using other process.

I am also giving you some online virus scan sites where you can your flash drive.


One simple way to format your Flash Drive by disk management utility after turn off autorun.

  • Plugged your flash drive in USB port.
  • Right Click on My Computer and select Manage.
  • Then click on Disk Management, Now you will see your flash drive and it related information. Right click on it and Select Format.

That’s it.

And I want to give you one suggestion to all of you that install licensed Antivirus in your PC and keep update it every time.

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