Aero bug with NVIDIA GTX 670 !

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I tried running Aero on my system installed with NVIDIA GTX 670 and I see that when I minimize a window, the window has a shadow that still floats and then fade away eventually. Has anyone come across this bug or something similar? Does anyone have any idea to fix it? 

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Aero bug with NVIDIA GTX 670 !


nVidia and AMD both have driver conflicts that often cause them to fail. It could be one of about one hundred trillion different things that, either separately or together, can cause this.

There is no 100% sure all surefire fix to this. It's a driver thing, keep that in mind, and not a hardware problem. It's not just the latest build, it's pretty much been a common problem What PCIE version are you running at? If you're at 3.0 can you try forcing it down to 2.0 or 1.1?

You should also try updating your Motherboard bios too 80C isn't that low for the new Kepler cards, or at least thats where they start underclocking themselves. You can try to force off nvidias automatic vsync in its control panel, this is known to resolve some issues. Turn off Aero.

Change to performance in energy saving settings. Make sure the card is fastened correctly in the lane. Also, note that EVGA has been recalling their 670 cards because of them not being able to run at stock clock without crashing.

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