Access resources through my Network

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I have a LAN and what I want to set up:

For each computer, I would like to have the same access to resources stored in a folder on the computer Win7pro. I would also like use of  single computers (or users) of the network selected by me to have access to the file.

I don't want other people use my wifi for internet, and I do not want them to have access to the shared folder.

Please help.


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Access resources through my Network



Connect your LAN the usual way. Place your router at the location that would be most convenient for your computers, they usually have about a range of 100 feet, cannot be affected by doors, ceilings, walls, windows and bricks. The next step is to install your adapters to each computer. After this, set up your LAN by going to CONTROL PANEL >> NETWORK CONNECTIONS, or in my case I use a third party software that comes with the LAN, TP-LINK,

Anyways both the windows and the TP-LINK comes with install Wizards, just follow the instructions and your wifi network should be set up soon. After finishing, setting up your connection to private, just configure the PASSWORD of the wifi by changing it on the settings on your NETWORK CONNECTIONS or thru the 3rd party software. That should prevent them from accessing your network or absorb the use of your wifi.

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