4 Cores in my computer

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How can I cool down the 4 Cores in my computer? And where are they located or what do they look like?

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4 Cores in my computer


You always do not need to control your computer’s temperature. Every computer has a monitor program to control it. But if you want to cool 4 cores of your computer then look at the site of eBay for water cooling systems. It will be helpful.

But if you do not want to do this then keep your space cool. You can also use many instruments for your computer as cooling system such as cooling fans, hit sings etc.

The positions of the cores are in your central processing unit. It’s located inside and well covered so you can not see them. Just make sure that you have a good cooling system. It’s better for your computer.

Coors is something like this:

motherboard 4 cores of your computer
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4 Cores in my computer

So you have a quad-core processor right?
Why are you asking how can you cool it down is it overheating?
There is always a single fan allocated over the processor to manage temperature. You can monitor the temperature of your CPU using program such us speed fan. Now if you’re too concerned about it overheating you can install air or water cooling system which is available in most computer stores.
Computer case ventilation is also a big factor
All four cores are located in the CPU processor. It's usually the big square component on the motherboard but the location depends on what brand the motherboard is.
Cores should look like this.
fan allocated over the processor to manage temperature four cores are located in the CPU processor
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4 Cores in my computer


You don’t really need to manage the cooling system of your computer because it is handled by the BIOS. It has its own thermal detection system that monitors the temperature of the CPU and other components. But of course, you can install an application that will allow you to see the current temperature of your CPU. To check your processor’s temperature in real-time, you can use HWMonitor.

It is a hardware monitoring application designed to read computer system main health sensors like voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds. It can handle the most common sensor chips like ITE IT87 series, Winbond ICs, and more. It can also read modern CPUs on-die core thermal sensors including hard drive temperatures via S.M.A.R.T. and video card GPU temperature.

Your processor is installed with a CPU cooling fan on top of it which handles the cooling effect. When the processor is getting hotter, the BIOS will detect it which will then make the cooling fan spin a little faster.

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