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I have some questions regarding IBM DB2. I need precise answers since I will be using this for my report. I want to know the difference between DB2 Package and DB2 Plan? Why does plan executable while package is not? What are the disadvantages of the two? And also, what are the different editions of DB2 for Windows? How does DB2 restrict CICS transaction with the same name under different regions that allocates the subsystem of DB2? I need answers please. Thank you.

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Change the background color of the selected option, in a multi select combo box in HTML.

I am using a multi select box in my code.

If I select an option, it's background color changes to dark blue, which is I think the default color for Windows combo boxes. Is it possible to change the color of the selected option from dark blue to something else when I select it?

Best regards.

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I am using Tivoli Productivity Centre Standard edition and for DB using DB-2 on windows 64 bit. I installed DB2 with Windows authentication parameters, now I want to change my server password for security reason but when I changed the password db2 connection failed. How can I fix it after change of password?

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I don't know anything about DB2. Please give me some information about it.

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I have an issue when creating a huge table space. Reports this error:

SQL1139N The total size of the table space is too big Explanation: The size of the current table space is too big.

The size of a REGULAR table space is limited to 0xFFFFFF (16777215) pages while the size of a TEMPORARY/LONG table space is limited to 2 tera bytes (2 TB).

Thank you

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