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Google SketchUp is another brand of 3D modeling software developed by Google. It allows inexperienced artists access in creating 3D art. This is a great, easy to use, and free alternative to expensive 3D modeling software like 3DSMax and Cinema4D. It also allows you to post and share your creations to Google Earth where every one can see. The latest version of Google SketchUp has also been integrated with Google Maps so that it would be easier for you to geo-tag your creations.

The latest version is 8.0.16846 and is available at Softonic®. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. To better understand how to make a roof gutter model, watch the video “How To Make A Gutter Using the Follow Me Tool In Sketchup 8”.
Download Sketchup 8 here